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Former President Bill Clinton and his daughter Chelsea went to a No Ceilings Conversation held at the Farasi Lane School in Mitini, Nairobi, Kenya on Friday, May 1st.

The Farasi Lane School is part of a CGI Commitment to Action, CHARGE – Collaborative for Harnessing Ambition and Resources for Girls’ Education.

Photo Clinton Foundation

Photo Clinton Foundation

CHARGE is a collaboration of more than 30 companies, civil society organizations, multilaterals and governments to improve learning and leadership opportunities for young women and girls.

After touring the school with the principal and seeing a lesson by a teacher, the former president and his daughter visited the school’s garden with two students and heard about the different kinds of plants, herbs, and fruits that they grow.

Earlier this week, Chelsea Clinton and her former president father landed in Tanzania, where they began their nine-day African tour, which will also take them to Liberia and Morocco after Kenya.


Former President Bill Clinton visited the Solar Sister program site in Karatu town, Tanzania, on Thursday, April 30.

Solar Sister is part of Sustainable Energy Solutions Powered by Women’s Enterprise, a Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action.

Solar Sister connects women in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and Nigeria to training opportunities, and micro-financing groups to increase savings and investment.

Photo Clinton Foundation

Photo Clinton Foundation

To date the Solar Sisters have trained 500 entrepreneurs, 300 of which were in Tanzania and as a result have 250,000 beneficiaries globally and for the commitment.
President Bill Clinton also visited the Nainokanoka Dispensary in Ngorongoro, where he was greeted by health care workers and local villagers.

The Clinton Health Access Initiative’s work has made pneumonia and rotavirus vaccines more affordable and ensured optimal vaccine delivery to children in Ngorongoro.