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June Shannon’s larger than life size is all part of her attraction, according to her beau Sugar Bear.

“I consider myself a chubby chaser,” Honey Boo Boo’s father revealed on Wednesday night’s episode of the show, which saw him propose for the third time to his partner of nine years June Shannon.

Having turned him down twice before, it took some persuading to get Mama June to agree to a commitment ceremony.

After being confronted with a ring inside a golden egg after a tasty chicken dinner, Sugar Bear needed his three stepdaughters and daughter Honey Boo Boo to help talk their mother round.

“The M word scares me because he’s been through two marriages and it hasn’t worked,” June Shannon admitted.

“Marriages are easy to get into and hard to get out of.”

Mama June may have said “no” to Sugar Bear’s marriage proposal, but the lack of paperwork attracted June to the idea of a commitment ceremony.

“I don’t believe in forever but I do believe in Sugar Bear,” she confessed, before their children make the couple confess their love for one another.

June Shannon's larger than life size is all part of her attraction

June Shannon’s larger than life size is all part of her attraction

And it wasn’t long before the duo were reminiscing at old photographs of themselves with Sugar Bear objecting to June Shannon’s decision to lose some weight before the ceremony, as it emerged that the couple had met in an online chat room.

June Shannon and daughters Pumpkin, 13 and Chubbs, 15 began planning an exercise routine, with the reality show matriarch concerned about her two middle daughters being picked on in school.

Pumpkin thought she had got her regime off to a good start, walking around the block and eating “apples and pears”, maintaining that “an apple a day keeps the fat away”.

But the family soon got bored with exercise, with June Shannon needing to run to the bathroom after just one sit up.

“We are a dysfunctional family,” she declared before taking Sugar Bear to a local wedding planner where he was hoping their ceremony would include “an ice sculpture or something cool like that”.

Unsure about the details of their big day, Mama June and Sugar Bear were agreed on one thing.

“The ceremony can be crappy as hell but when it’s time to eat, people have got to eat,” June Shannon said.

However, she got laughed out of the building after asserting she was only planning to spend $2,000 on the big day.

“This commitment ceremony is about having a good time more than anything else,” said Sugar Bear, while the two began to plan their list of 60 guests.

Discussing whether to invite friends L’il Willie, Pork Chop, Boxcar, Catfish, Corn, Niblet and Phlegmie, June Shannon dismissed some of her beau’s guest proposals as being “too crazy”.

Despite her reservations, even June Shannon began to get excited about the looming big event, agreeing to Honey Boo Boo’s request to be a flower girl.

“I’ll add a bit of paint to the barn and get my roots done,” she mused.

“Everybody in McIntyre are going to want a piece of this.”

However, after a rather nerve-racking effort to teach Chubbs to drive, events took a bad turn when Sugar Bear was rushed to hospital in pain.

June Shannon was clearly upset when Sugar Bear’s diagnosis was delayed before doctors informed her he was suffering from pneumonia and pancreatitis.

“Without Sugar Bear, I’d be lost,” Mama June wept.

Luckily, Sugar Bear appeared to pull through, although remained in hospital much to the chagrin of his extended family who sent colorful get well cards.