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Rumours claim that Chelsea Clinton's much-hyped deal with NBC may already be coming to an end

Rumours claim that Chelsea Clinton's much-hyped deal with NBC may already be coming to an end

Chelsea Clinton was billed as one of the most “boring people of her era” while her performance was slammed as monochromatic and lacking charisma. Now rumours claim that Chelsea Clinton’s much-hyped deal with NBC may already be coming to an end.

Chelsea Clinton’s original contract with NBC was only for 90 days and sources say it is unlikely she will extend this.

According to the New York Post, NBC created “unrealistic expectations for Chelsea, who in turn signed the short contract to see if she liked it or not”.

The source said: “It’s possible she will do more for NBC in the future, [but] she doesn’t know if she’ll sign another contract.”


According to other sources, Chelsea Clinton, 31, was “set up for a fall”, merely used as a ratings grabber so that the network could announce her deal to become a full-time special correspondent to great fanfare.

There was huge anticipation in the run up to her December 12 debut but she was barely off the air before critics were slamming her as wooden, nervous and boring.

An NBC news spokesman has denied that Chelsea Clinton is already poised to leave the network.

“This is 100 per cent false,” NBC spokesman told New York Post.

“You will see more pieces from Chelsea. She has been warmly welcomed into this news division, and we can’t be more pleased with her work. We hope she will be with us for a long time. There was no over-hyping of her role.”

Chelsea Clinton’ spokesperson said: “She is only at the beginning of her contract, and when she gets closer to the end, discussions will begin about whether or not to renew.

“In the meantime she is very much enjoying her time there and looking forward to her next piece airing.”

In her first segment with NBC, Chelsea Clinton chatted with Rock Center host Brian Williams on the NBC sofa and did a segment on a non-profit organization.

Her first report was a feel-good piece from the Topps Center in the poverty-stricken Pine Bluff in Jefferson County, Arkansas.

Chelsea Clinton was filmed making cornbread and interviewing founder Annette Dove about the 500 children and young adults they serve.

The report was part of the network’s Making a Difference series. While her debut went smoothly it wasn’t met with enthusiasm by many.

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