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Crowds cheered as a crane removed a statue of a Confederate soldier in Charlottesville, Virginia, the scene of a far-right rally three years ago.

The bronze figure, known as “At Ready”, was removed on September 12.

There has been an increased focus on monuments connected to slavery in the wake of mass anti-racism protests in the US and abroad this year.

A number of statues have been removed as a result.

Memorials to the Confederacy, a group of southern states that fought in favor of slavery against the Union in the American Civil War of 1861-1865, have been among those targeted.

However, there has been opposition to the removal of such symbols, with President Donald Trump saying earlier this year that he would “not even consider” renaming military bases after Confederate generals.

The statue was taken down from its plinth in front of the Albemarle County courthouse, where it had stood since 1909.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

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People gathered nearby danced to music as the monument, along with a cannon, were removed.

Albemarle County voted to dismantle the statue in August, the first decision to be made under a new law for removing Civil War monuments in Virginia introduced earlier this year.

In 2017, Charlottesville became the site of the largest white nationalist rally in decades, following a plan to remove a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

Avowed neo-Nazi James Alex Fields Jr. was later sentenced to life in prison after driving his car into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer and injuring dozens of others.

In June, Virginia’s Governor Ralph Northam announced that another statue of General Lee would be removed, this time in the state capital of Richmond.

The decision came amid mass protests across the US following the death of George Floyd in police custody.

However, a judge has since granted a temporary injunction to stop the statue’s removal.

More than 1,000 volunteers, some driven by worry for the safety of their own families, fanned out from the University of Virginia campus on September 20 to search for Hannah Graham, a sophomore who disappeared a week ago.

Volunteers met at the university’s basketball arena before going out in teams throughout Charlottesville to search for 18-year-old Hannah Graham.

Police said on September 19 they have spoken with a man they believe was with Hannah Graham in a bar on the night she went missing, but did not have enough information to arrest or detain him after searching his car and apartment.

In an emotional appeal, Charlottesville Police Chief Timothy Longo asked anyone who might have seen Hannah Graham and the man early September 13 on the Downtown Mall to contact authorities. Timothy Longo stopped short of calling the unidentified man a suspect, but said police are keeping an eye on him.

Police have focused on Hannah Graham’s movements the night of September 12 and into the early morning hours of September 13. The sophomore from northern Virginia met friends at a restaurant for dinner, stopped by two parties at off-campus housing units, and left the second party alone, police have said.

Surveillance videos showed her walking, and at some points running, past a pub and a service station and then onto the Downtown Mall, a seven-block pedestrian strip lined with shops and restaurants.

Hannah Graham disappeared after she met friends at a restaurant for dinner, stopped by two parties at off-campus housing units, and left the second party alone

Hannah Graham disappeared after she met friends at a restaurant for dinner, stopped by two parties at off-campus housing units, and left the second party alone

Hannah Graham’s disappearance has sent a ripple of fear through the quiet college town.

Maria Faidas, a sophomore who volunteered to help search on September 20, said she lives a block from Hannah Graham and has walked home alone before without thinking twice of the possible dangers.

Students said they’ve started walking in pairs at night and are paying closer attention to their surroundings.

At least three other young women have disappeared in the area in the last five years. Nineteen-year-old Samantha Ann Clarke, who vanished after leaving her Orange County town house in September 2010, and 19-year-old DaShad Laquinn Smith, who disappeared in Charlottesville in November 2012, remain missing.

Morgan Harrington, a 20-year-old Virginia Tech student, disappeared from the University of Virginia‘s John Paul Jones Arena while attending a rock concert in October 2009. Her remains were found three months later in a rural area. No arrests have been made.

Police have said they do not think Hannah Graham’s disappearance is linked to any of the other missing women.

Emily Kilroy, a consultant who also helped search, said the episodes are “starting to feel like a pattern” that’s especially unfortunate in a college town with so many young women.

Virginia Department of Emergency Management spokeswoman Dawn Eischen said there were 981 volunteer searchers as well as 100 others who had search-and-rescue training.

The search for Hannah Graham would continue Sunday, September 21, Dawn Eischen said.

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