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Bono got an arm injury after falling off a bike in Central Park, New York.

U2 revealed on its website that Bono will require surgery on his arm.

The band was due to start a week-long residency on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, which they have postponed.

“We’re sure he’ll make a full recovery soon, so we’ll be back!” said the statement from Edge, Adam and Larry.

“Much thanks to Jimmy Fallon and everyone at the show for their understanding.”

The U2 frontman flew back to the US after taking part in the Band Aid 30 charity single recording in London on November 15.

The recording, which comes 30 years after the original, is raising money for the fight against Ebola.

The week-long residency on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is part of the band’s promotional tour for their album Songs of Innocence.

U2 came in for criticism after the album was automatically added to the libraries of all iTunes users around the world.


A black bear cub was found dead in New York City’s Central Park on Monday morning.

The female cub appeared to have suffered traumatic injury but it remains unclear how it died.

Bears are not known to live in the park at the centre of one of America’s most densely populated cities.

They may not be kept as pets, and none were reported missing from local zoos.

Patrick Thomas, associate director of the city’s Bronx Zoo, told the New York Times bears once lived in New York City but had not in a long time.

Bears are not known to live in Central Park at the centre of one of America's most densely populated cities

Bears are not known to live in Central Park at the centre of one of America’s most densely populated cities

He said a bear was recorded shot in New York in 1630.

Bears are native to the region, however. New Jersey, across the Hudson River from New York City, has one of the largest black bear densities in the US.

In that state last month, a black bear killed a university student out for a hike.

The bear was found under a bush. Investigators with the New York Police Department’s animal cruelty squad combed the site on the park’s west side for clues and concluded the corpse had been dragged there.

“Certainly, a cub did not wander into Central Park by itself,” Geoffrey Croft of New York City Park Advocates told the New York Daily News.

“That’s highly, highly unlikely.”

An apparently healthy Central Park carriage horse collapsed and died in the street of New York yesterday.

The beautiful white horse collapsed during the early morning commute, from its stables in western Manhattan to Central Park, to begin its shift yesterday morning.

The horse death will fuel the argument for the carriage animals to be taken off the streets permanently.

The horse collapsed and died on West 54th Street near Eighth Avenue at about 9.30 am

The horse collapsed and died on West 54th Street near Eighth Avenue at about 9.30 am

The horse collapsed and died on West 54th Street near Eighth Avenue at about 9:30 am, according to the ASPCA.

The famous Central Park carriage horses, which number around 220 in New York, work nine hour shifts, after making the two mile journey to the park, where they pick up tourists.

According to activists, the stress of the work and the inadequate stabling causes the horses to live short miserable lives.

Campaigners also claim that the number of collisions also makes the cost of the industry unacceptable.

Contrary to popular belief the Central Park carriage horses do not live in the park, but in four stables in western Manhattan.

The four stables are located on 37th, 38th, 45th and 52nd street, all between 10th and 11th avenue.

After the horrific incident, animal rights campaigners have called for an investigation.

“The life of a carriage horse on New York City streets is extremely difficult and life threatening and the ASPCA has long believed that carriage horses were never meant to live and work in today’s urban setting,” said Stacy Wolf of the ASPCA.

Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages representative, Elizabeth Forel said:

“Healthy horses do not drop dead on the street.

“The drivers always like to profess that they are such horse experts.

“If that is so, then shouldn’t the driver have been more sensitive to this horse and noticed that something was wrong.”

Speaking to New York Daily News, a spokesman for the Horse and Carriage Association of New York said that the unexplained death was “a tragedy.”

“It’s not something that happens regularly. … Our horses are taken care of.”

According to ASPCA, the horse dead body was transported to the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine for a necropsy to determine the cause of death. Results are expected tomorrow morning.