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Dubai developer Emaar Properties is planning to build a new tower that will surpass the Burj Khalifa, currently the world’s tallest building.

The government-backed company has not announced the height of the proposed tower, saying only that it would be “a notch” taller than the Burj Khalifa’s 2,717ft (828m).

The $1 billion project is scheduled to be completed for the Dubai Expo trade fair in 2020.Emaar tower Dubai

The new tower is expected to have residential units, a rooftop courtyard and a hotel.

It is designed by Spanish-Swiss neo-futuristic architect Santiago Calatrava Valls and will be supported by a matrix of cables.

The structure’s design means that it is unlikely to be widely recognized as a taller “building” than the Burj Khalifa even if it surpasses it in height, Associated Press reported.

Emaar-built Burj Khalifa is expected to be overtaken by the 0.6 mile-high Kingdom Tower in Jeddah as the world’s tallest building in 2020.

The construction will be the center piece of the redevelopment of the Dubai Creek, the heart of old Dubai. It will also have observation decks and restaurants.

Emaar Properties’ announcement from comes as developers continue to launch new projects amid what experts are saying is a softening real estate sector.

Dubai authorities are trying to find out what caused a spectacular fire to engulf a 63-storey luxury hotel in the city center on New Year’s Eve.

Firefighters managed to subdue the fire, but part of the Address Downtown Hotel is still smoldering.

A significant fire is still visible on the 20th floor, where the blaze apparently started.

The tower was evacuated and 16 people were hurt. But a fireworks show went ahead at the Burj Khalifa tower nearby.

The Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building and an iconic symbol of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Photo Reuters

Photo Reuters

Streets around the Address Downtown Hotel have been cordoned off, but boulevards around the Burj Khalifa are open.

The fire broke out at about 21:30 local time on December 31 and appeared to engulf much of the Address Downtown, a five-star hotel and apartment complex, within 10 minutes.

Four teams of firefighters battled the blaze for hours, officials said.

The Dubai government tweeted that 14 people had suffered minor injuries, one moderate injuries and there was one “heart attack case” due to “overcrowding and smoke”.

The fireworks display went ahead as smoke continued to billow from the hotel.

Alternative accommodation would be offered to evacuated guests, the Dubai government said.

The 2020 World Expo trade convention will be host by Dubai.

Dubai has been chosen after beating off rival bids from Brazil, Turkey and Russia.

Fireworks exploded from the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, following the announcement in Paris.

Dubai will be the first Middle Eastern city to hold the Expo, which takes place every five years.

The expo sees hundreds of countries show off the latest in architecture and technology.

The 2020 World Expo trade convention will be host by Dubai

The 2020 World Expo trade convention will be host by Dubai

The ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid al-Maktoum, has promised to astonish the world with the event.

Dubai beat Russia’s Yekaterinburg in the final round of voting in Paris. The other contenders were Sao Paulo in Brazil and Izmir in Turkey.

“We renew our promise to astonish the world in 2020,” said Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid al-Maktoum after the win.

“Dubai Expo 2020 will breathe new life into the ancient role of the Middle East as a melting pot for cultures and creativity.”

Dubai authorities say the Expo 2020 will bring in around $23 billion. They say financing for the six-month event will cost a total of $8.4 billion, with the government spending around $6.5 billion on infrastructure projects.

A huge exhibition centre will be built to host the event, plus new hotels and an extension to Dubai’s metro line.

The 2015 Expo takes place in Milan.

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