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According to reports, Kim Kardashian’s bra size has gone up to F, and the reality star is said to be concerned that she won’t be able to lose the baby weight she has gained once her first child is born.

“Kim’s panicking that the weight will just keep on stacking on and will never come off,” a source close to Kim Kardashian told InTouch magazine.

“Not only is she vain, but she knows that her body is what makes her money. She’s built an empire on it. But as much as she tries to be good, she just can’t stop eating.

“It’s like something has taken over her body, and she’s miserable.

Kim Kardashian's bra size has gone up to F while she is concerned that she won't be able to lose the baby weight

Kim Kardashian’s bra size has gone up to F while she is concerned that she won’t be able to lose the baby weight

“(She’s) freaking out about her body.

“She’s always played up her sex appeal, so she’s terrified she won’t be able to get her body back after the baby is born.

“She’s completely neurotic about her looks. She recently gained six pounds in one week. She said, <<Even my armpits are fat, I don’t know what’s happening to me>>. She’s got to do something, because her body is everything to her.”

However, speaking to reporters at the E! Upfronts event on Monday, Kim Kardashian said she had gotten more used to pregnancy, is more comfortable in her skin and is no longer feeling the aches and pains of expectant motherhood.

“Now I think I’m past all the awkward phases and stages, and once you feel the baby kick it’s a whole new experience,” Kim Kardashian said.

“I finally really embrace it. I love it now, but it took a minute. It was a lot, you know, a lot of body changes and stuff.”

Kim Kardashian, 32, has received a lot of scrutiny over how she’s chosen to dress her baby bump.

For a while she avoided maternity clothes, wearing see-through tops and leather pants.

Kim Kardashian also opted to still wear designer clothing but in larger sizes that maybe weren’t meant for an expectant woman.

She said that she’s not only feeling better, but is pretty calm about giving birth and isn’t nervous.

“At the beginning that was what I feared the most, and now, I mean, it’s inevitable,” Kim Kardashian said.

“It’s gonna happen. I’m really not worried or nervous.”

Kim Kardashian and her baby’s father, Kanye West, know the gender of their child but are keeping it a secret.

She said she’s careful when she goes shopping to not give anything away.

“We buy all white,” Kim Kardashian said, laughing.

“Or we’ll go and buy both [girls’ and boys’ clothing], and then no one will know.”