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Joan Sebastian, a leading figure in the Latin music world, died on July 13 at the age of 64.

The Mexican singer-songwriter had bone cancer.

Joan Sebastian was known for his sentimental love songs, which he often performed on horseback.

After a childhood of poverty in rural Mexico, Joan Sebastian decided to dedicate his life to music and went on to have a series of hits, which won him five Grammy awards and seven Latin Grammys.

He passed away at his ranch in Juliantla, in the western Mexican state of Guerrero.

Born Jose Manuel Figueroa, Joan Sebastian was often referred to as “The People’s Poet” for his lyrical compositions about love and betrayal.Joan Sebastian dead at 64

He said he realized he wanted to become a singer at an early age, leaving the Catholic seminary where he was training to become a priest to pursue his musical ambition aged 17.

He was a fan of Mexican bull riding (jaripeo) and often performed at rodeo events, earning him the nickname of King of Jaripeo.

Joan Sebastian released more than 50 albums in his career mixing Mexican ranchera music and Latin pop.

Among his most famous songs are Tatuajes (Tattoos) and Secreto de Amor (The Secret of Love).

His popularity extended to much of Latin America and the US.

At the height of his fame he also starred in the Mexican soap opera Tu y Yo (You and Me) along with his former wife, Maribel Guardia.

He had eight children with a number of different women.

Two of his sons were killed.

One was shot dead as he tried to control the crowd after one of his father’s concerts in Texas, the other was killed in a fight outside a nightclub in the Mexican city of Cuernavaca.

The singer was first diagnosed with bone cancer in 1999.

Joan Sebastian continued to perform until 2014, when he announced during a performance in Zacatecas that he was again receiving treatment for a recurrence of the cancer.

According to a fossil study, a Neanderthal living 120,000 years ago had a cancer that is common today.

A fossilized Neanderthal rib found in a shallow cave at Krapina, Croatia, shows signs of a bone tumor.

The discovery is the oldest evidence yet of a tumor in the human fossil record, say US scientists.

The research, published in the journal PLOS One, gives clues to the complex history of cancer in humans.

A fossilized Neanderthal rib found in a shallow cave at Krapina, Croatia, shows signs of a bone tumor

A fossilized Neanderthal rib found in a shallow cave at Krapina, Croatia, shows signs of a bone tumor

Until now, the earliest known bone cancers have been identified in ancient Egyptian remains from about 1,000-4,000 years ago.

“It’s the oldest tumor found in the human fossil record,” said Dr. David Frayer, the University of Kansas anthropologist who led the US team.

“It shows that living in a relatively unpolluted environment doesn’t necessarily protect you against cancer, even if you were a Neanderthal living 120,000 years ago.”

The fossil was uncovered from an important archaeological site that has yielded almost 900 ancient human bones, along with stone tools.

The cancerous rib is an incomplete specimen, so the overall health impact of the tumor on the individual cannot be established.

The tumor was diagnosed by a medical radiologist from X-rays and CT scans.

Although efforts to extract ancient DNA from the Neanderthal fossil have proved unsuccessful, the researchers hope other fossils may shed light on cancer in prehistoric humans.