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This car is made of 17 naked men and women who have been painted and positioned to create this bizarre work of art.

Body-painting artist Emma Hack etched colors and markings on her models and arranged their arms, legs and heads into the shape of a small hatchback.

She designed the car down to the smallest detail including alloy wheels and a number plate by covering each model in shades of blue, white, black and silver paint.

Emma Hack even made it look like the car had been pranged in a small accident by exposing the “engine” and leaving the front “bumper” hanging off.

Creative Emma Hack – who painted singer Gotye in his video for number one hit single Somebody That I Used To Know – spent 18 hours creating the car.

It was produced by advertising agency Clemenger BBDO for a road safety campaign by the Motor Accident Commission of South Australia.

Emma Hack said: “The inspiration of the design was a low-level speeding crash. The front of the car is quite affected but the back is still in slick condition. We had to make the car anonymous and generic looking.”

Creative Emma Hack spent 18 hours creating the car

Creative Emma Hack spent 18 hours creating the car

She started with a photo of a crashed car and planned her project by sketching the position of bodies over the top of it.

Emma Hack said: “Some were really obvious, such as the tyres, face as side mirror and the front bumper as the arm. Then I started piling up the bodies to create shape.

“At first we thought we would need 15 people to create the car but it turned out to be 17. That is five women and 12 men.

“I wanted an equal number of men and women but needed the strength and width from men to make the structure work. They were wearing g-strings.”

She added: “Technically, it’s probably the most difficult job I have ever done. It’s quite magical how it’s turned out.”

Emma Hack, from Adelaide, South Australia, used a make-up based paint with a brush and sponge to give her work a “genuine painted artwork feel”.

The job was completed in five stages, starting with the base colors and gradually adding more detail. Each time the models had to get back into exactly the same position, while being careful their paint did not smudge.

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