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Teenagers who enroll at Elevations RTC are looking for a way to get their lives back on track. Every individual has a story to tell, and on the road to recovery, there is a need for all types of support. There are numerous ways to get help from different areas, but this program’s major selling point is living on campus.

Like attending a small college or going away for camp/boarding school, living on campus in a remote location in Utah with limited distractions can provide numerous benefits. Having a closed campus living situation also helps with receiving proper support. Is it the right decision for all students considering a residential treatment center? The success of graduates speaks for themselves.

A sense of community

Trouble teenagers often find themselves feeling isolated at times. With no one to turn to who might adequately understand what they have been through, teenagers are tempted to go to a dark place.

While on campus, the focus of every single staff member is on setting students up for success. Teachers are fully accredited and bring years of experience working with troubled teens dealing with all sorts of issues. The medical staff keeps track of how students progress based on their initial assessment when they first arrive on campus. Medical assistance or mental health needs are addressed as quickly as possible, never allowing students to have that isolated feeling.

Community goes beyond the staff, as every student has the opportunity to interact with others and create friendships while on campus. All students live in residential halls, and they take advantage of many activities outside of the classroom. Seeing the same people every day can fast forward friendships and allow students to lean on each other in many cases. For some teens, this is the first time they have an opportunity to talk with someone else going through a challenging point in their life. Having someone relatable can give teens a different perspective that helps provide a clearer picture for themselves.

Embracing individualism

It is encouraged to socialize and receive support from peers and staff on campus, but a campus that feels too small and intertwined can have a negative impact. As important as emotional and social support is for students, Elevations RTC also understands that supporting individual time is essential.

Students are encouraged to find areas of focus that are interesting to them. They never have to feel like they must fit in a specific box to have success. Some students might get into music, while others enjoy the arts. Finding a passion that can last a lifetime is one of the best ways to stay on the right track towards long-term success.

Protected from distractions

The campus at Elevations RTC is large enough that students never feel like they are trapped. Some residential treatment centers do not have the resources necessary to give students the necessary options. Without options, eliminating distractions while staying on campus can backfire because there is not enough to do.

Elevation RTC’s campus is close enough for accessibility to Salt Lake City but far enough away that it can feel like its own world for teenagers. This type of isolation can allow for a stronger focus on the significant task at hand. A big goal at Elevations RTC is to create new habits that a person can work with back home. The lack of distractions surrounding the learning process speeds up the capability of forming these habits.

Creating a turning point in life

Teens heading to Elevations RTC have likely tried other methods to turn their life around. It rarely becomes the first option, but eventually, families realize that it is necessary to make a real impact. As soon as a student moves in on campus, it creates a new stage in life.

Living on campus is a way to create a turning point in a teenager’s life. It might not be something apparent initially, but it is a massive decision for a family to send a loved one away for such a long time. When reality sets in, students tend to realize that it is time to be serious.

It is natural for some to be less than thrilled on campus initially, but it becomes what most need as time goes on. Living on campus provides a unique perspective that just can’t be replicated at home, going to therapy, or getting treatment a few hours at a time. This is a fully immersed way of turning life around and getting the necessary help to progress socially and academically.

The time away from home is tough on the family and the teen, which is why Elevations RTC offers different ways for loved ones to stay connected. Even if they are thousands of miles away, they can feel like they are part of the learning process thanks to modern technology. Everything from phone calls with teachers to weekly group meetings with other families provides excellent opportunities to stay engaged.

Moving in at Elevations RTC

The thought of a teenager moving into Elevations RTC seems intimidating at first, but most families wonder why they waited so long to start the process. Having the time to focus on a better life socially and academically can pay enormous dividends in adulthood in a relatively short amount of time. Addressing it sooner rather than later is always best.


Paris Jackson is reportedly too fragile to return home following her June 5 suicide attempt and she is said to be transferring to a boarding school for struggling children when she checks out of psychiatric facility at the UCLA Medical Center.

According to The Sun and The New York Post, Paris Jackson, 15, who slashed her wrists and overdosed on pills will move into the $10 million Diamond Ranch Academy in Utah.

Her grandmother Katherine Jackson and mother Debbie Rowe allegedly want to ensure that she makes a full recovery and have already put a security team in place to protect Paris while in Utah.

Paris Jackson is said to be transferring to a boarding school for struggling children when she checks out of psychiatric facility

Paris Jackson is said to be transferring to a boarding school for struggling children when she checks out of psychiatric facility

“As far as Paris is concerned she is fine and is ready to go home, but the doctors and her family are not taking any chances. She tried to end her own life and it doesn’t get more serious than that,” a source close to the family said.

“They are terrified she will have a major relapse if she has access to Twitter and the Internet again – especially with all the shocking information that is coming out in the AEG wrongful death court case.”

The insider continued: “[The Diamond Ranch Academy] is a secluded treatment centre for 12 to 18-years-olds that specializes in depression and grief management.

“While she’s there she can be around kids going through similar problems and concentrate on getting well again, without pressures from the outside world and all the negativity on the Internet.”

The main issue at the moment is making sure that Michael Jackson’s daughter is protected from “dangerous obsessive fans” who might try to break into the facility.

Paris Jackson has allegedly struggled with depression since her dad died four years ago.