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Roman Originals, the company selling the blue and black dress that blew up on social media last week, found itself in the middle of a child labor investigation, according to a 2007 report by British newspaper, The Observer.

The company – which sells the internet’s favorite black and blue dress for about $77, and is reportedly planning to produce a white and gold version – was apparently one of at least two UK-based retailers that contracted services through a supplier in India.

Photo Roman Originals

Photo Roman Originals

During a trip through what the publication called “a network of mud-bricked sweatshops” in a section of New Delhi, The Observer said in 2007 it “found dozens of children cramped together producing clothes for the UK high street. In one sweatshop, children were finishing a summer dress, now on sale for £16.99 [about $26] in 250 Select clothing stores across Britain.”

The publication quoted one boy who implied he lived at the sweatshop: “<<I want to work here. I have somewhere to sleep at night>>, he says looking furtively behind him. <<The work is hard and my back hurts from crouching over the material but I am learning>>.”

The dress seller later said in a statement that it canceled its contract with the supplier immediately after learning about the accusations.

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A social media debate has sparked over the color of a dress which looks different to different people.

In a particular photo, it can appear to be white and gold or blue and black.

Since it hit Tumblr on February 25, the image has started an internet schism that may never be healed. Some people see the dress as gold and white, while others see it as blue and black.Dress color debate

The real color of the dress is royal blue with black lace.

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[youtube HMopr7jj_uc 650]