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Jay-Z has racked up a long list of reputed romantic dalliances before falling in love with Beyonce.

His first significant girlfriend was Blu Cantrell, an American R&B singer and songwriter, though he has also been linked to singer Missy Elliott, Lil’ Kim and the late Aaliyah, amongst others.

Jay-Z dated Blu Cantrell immediately before Beyonce, and it seems as though she may still be harboring some salty feelings about the way they ended things.

Jay-Z dated Blu Cantrell immediately before Beyonce

Jay-Z dated Blu Cantrell immediately before Beyonce

The 37-year-old released a song titled S.O.S (Tell Me Where You At), and in the chorus she can be heard singing: “It’s an S.O.S. Hova, tell me where you at.”

Blu Cantrell apparently dumped Jay-Z and ended the relationship, but it seems as though she still felt as though it was necessary to express her feelings about the way that he treated her during the relationship. In the first verse she dives right into the subject matter of how she felt as though she was a loyal, “down-to-ride” type of girlfriend, but that he didn’t reciprocate the same kind of love.

Jay Z spent thousands of dollars trying to woo her with presents and even caught an attempted murder charge for her, but she dumped him.

Blu Cantrell apparently has another song in her arsenal where she takes shots at Jay-Z for using her name “Blu” to name his and Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy.

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