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The BlackLivesMatter movement is something you must have heard at one point in time. It rocked the US and the world to its core when this movement started. Every college and university student has to know about this movement now as it has changed history in its way and is an integral part of education now.

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What was the Original Structure of the Black Lives Matter Movement?

The Black Lives Matter movement was founded in 2013 by three black female organizers: Opal Tometi, Alicia Garza and Patrisse Cullors. The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement was started as a reaction to a situation these powerful women knew needed looking into. It was formed due to the unjust killing of Trayvon Martin. George Zimmerman’s neighbourhood watch shot an unarmed, black teenager walking around a district.

Zimmerman called the police about a black man looking “suspicious,” but Zimmerman had shot the budding youth before law enforcement could arrive. This cold-blooded murder led to a tasking case where Zimmerman was acquitted of the second-degree murder charge he was charged with. The Black Lives Matter movement started as a hashtag on social media and quickly gained ground due to this acquittal. The original structure of the organization was as an information platform and an organizing tool. A tool dedicated to fighting anti-black violence, racism, unfair treatment, and other affiliations black people face.

What’s Changed about the BLM Structure since then?

The BLM movement has risen to become one of the biggest civil movements in the United States. The moment in 2020 when millions of US citizens decided to come forward in a March, a BLM protest under the #Black Lives Matter or #BLM slogan, the game changed, and the movement became more prominent than ever. It quickly rose to a greater level, and it has become more traditional in the process. It’s like there is a new hierarchy in the movement.

Members typically see the movement as decentralized with no clear superior in charge. But now, it seems like power got to the head of some members and their behavioural patterns changed towards others. Coupled with the fact that some members are more recognized, the structure took a hierarchical structure. There are many essay examples about the movement online.

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How is Public Opinion about BLM Changing and Why?

When the movement started, it was solid, and it led to a very new mindset, showing masses how terrible and rampant police brutality is among blacks. But now, it seems like the hype is falling. Studies have shown that more people are putting their trust in US law enforcement in the USA. Some surveys showed how many white Americans aged 47 to 55 have the highest percentage of those who dropped the cause. When Trayvon was shot, the movement was very solid. Then after a couple of years, enthusiasm started dropping among the white folks. Till Floyd’s killings happened, and interest piqued up again. But dropped after a while.

The Black American movement is still solid; interests are not dying down across all genders, ages and individuality. The people dropping back had a couple of reasons; some said it was because things would never change, some changed because of a new thing they saw online.

Is this Evolution of Black Lives Matter Typical of Social Movement?

The evolution of the BLM movement is quite typical and not typical of a social movement. An excellent social movement will gain recognition and more attention because people can relate to them. This is what happened with the BLM movement. But after a while, people’s interests will start to wane. People are dynamic and cannot stay at the same frequency for a long time. The movement is not so typical because it gained tremendous coverage and members in a ridiculously little time. Many social movements don’t get to the stage of power and prominence the BLM movement have reached.

Is it all Clear what Structure BLM will or should have in the Future?

Humans are dynamic, and no one can exactly tell what will happen in the future. But there is speculation the movement will continue in its hierarchical form and maybe expand the idea to all its facets. The situation has already been set in stone, and some members already have titles, distinguishing them from the rest.


The BLM movement will always be a prominent and powerful political force in the US and other parts of the world. With branches and headquarters in different countries and cities, it is safe to say that this movement is here to stay.