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Constructing miracles require nerve of steels and special cutting edge equipment. Of course, you cannot compete in marathon without first learning to run.  You might be amazed what human beings have constructed out of sheer will to impress and inspire millions to never give up on their dreams. But to build something, you first need to be able to work safely. That is exactly where companies like www.jwaoil.com, comes in with their premier access solutions. The oil and gas companies usually offer a huge array of Containers, Vessels, Bog Mats along with customized Campsites for solving most complex and nightmarish construction problems. From building skyscrapers in deserts to laying oil pipes across marshes and inhospitable landscapes, they have a viable solution. They usually offer a premier access solution in form of DURA-BASE Bog Mats, which converts an unstable ground, into a workable one, let’s see how?

DURA-BASE Bog Mats  

These Bog Mats are essentially temporary ground covers which lock together and form a stable working ground for men and heavy machinery. These are ‘on site easy to install’ solutions and can be dismantled and used again on another site. You can install up to 400 linear meters in a day and 50 mats, that’s just one trailer load. Your selected company will help you convert 420 sqm of unstable terrain into a stable working environment. Once you are done, matting can be removed for future use and land can be restored to original with minimal effort. Bog Mats may seem like the ultimate tool for laying ground work, there are other very impressive futuristic technologies aiding engineers, here a few

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Leica Pegasus 2

Multiple laser scanners and cameras collect real time spatial data from the site at speeds up to 50 miles per hour. Instead of spending days and nights collecting data, you just need to equip your vehicle with Pegasus 2.

3D Concrete Printing

Building complex concrete structures with aid of software guided robotic hand has the potential of decreasing development time from weeks to mere hours.

Robotic workers

Analysts are finally coming closer to building robots that can actually be used for construction in real world not just in labs and studios. Researchers at Harvard University have developed TERMES, small termite inspired robots, that can build structures bricks by bricks in a group or independently. A similar research proved that robots can build structure several times faster compared to human workers and can be used in dangerous working conditions and environment like for building skyscrapers.


Google Project Tango

Project Tango uses sensors mounted on smart phones for analyzing spatial data. Conceptual applications have already been built that quickly capture and convert data into 3D models available for editing on device and other platforms. Though this platform is still in its initial stages, but its real life applications in construction and design are immense.

BIM Cloud, Building Information Modeling

It might seem a new ground breaking idea to some, but professionals in architecture, engineering and design (AEC) industry have been using BIM for quite some time now. Since 2014, AEC professionals can share their ideas, thanks to cloud computing, which leads to tremendous savings of cost and time as errors can be found and design streamlined in no time over the internet.