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Ireland Baldwin, daughter of the 9 1/2 Weeks star Kim Basinger, shared a picture of herself with her near 20,000 followers, and she was wearing quite a small bikini.

Still in the tender adolescent phase, Ireland Baldwin, 16, showed no signs of shyness despite the revealing pose, but then she does have a model figure.

Ireland Baldwin looked in fantastic shape as she struck a pose in front of the mirror and snapped herself with her mobile phone.

The teenager striped down to a bikini to display her six pack as she hid her face behind a red baseball cap with the word “play” printed on it.

Ireland Baldwin captioned the photograph: “I stoleeeee your snapback HA #minenow #lamemirrorpic #bahaha.”

Ireland Baldwin shared picture of herself with her near 20,000 followers

Ireland Baldwin shared picture of herself with her near 20,000 followers

While Ireland was busy having a good time with her camera phone, her father Alec Baldwin was seen visiting the St. Patrick’s Cathedral complex, on Sunday afternoon.

The New York venue is where Alec Baldwin married Hilaria Thomas earlier this year, and his daughter was one of the bridesmaids.

Alec Baldwin, 54, may not have the same washboard stomach that his daughter has but he is certainly in better shape than has been in a long time.

The 30 Rock star dropped 30 lbs after giving up sugar and starch when he was diagnosed as pre-diabetic.

Speaking to David Letterman Alec Baldwin said: “I’ve been trying to diet and I’ve lost so much weight that the problem is none of my clothes fit me.”