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Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter celebrated her second birthday and her mother shared a picture of Blue Ivy Carter’s new rides – a Cadillac and Ferrari.

Beyonce, 32, posted photos of the mini cars via Tumblr on Friday.

In the photo, Blue Ivy’s new wheels are parked next to one another. Her blue Ferrari is personalized with “Blue Ivy Baby Slab” written on the front windshield, with “BABY SLAB” adorning the black interior seats. Blue Ivy’s shiny pink Cadillac, meanwhile, is twice the size of her sports car. The Fisher-Price toy features gold detailing and cotton candy-colored interior seats.

Blue Ivy Carter's new rides

Blue Ivy Carter’s new rides

Beyonce and Jay-Z marked Blue Ivy’s birthday with a blow-out bash at Jungle Island, an interactive wildlife park and botanical garden in Miami, Florida on January 7.

Blue Ivy’s birthday party included Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, with all the ladies sporting painted faces of butterflies and flowers.

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Beyonce’s fifth album has broken iTunes sales records, with 828,773 copies sold in just three days.

The majority of those sales came in the US, where it has racked up 617,213 sales since its release on Friday.

The tally broke Beyonce’s own first-week sales record, set by her second album B’day in 2006, which sold 541,000 copies across a full seven days.

Beyonce stealth-released the record exclusively on iTunes last Friday, surprising fans by unveiling 14 new songs and 17 videos without the usual build-up of radio play, marketing and magazine interviews.

Its success has been fuelled by a number of factors: By keeping the project secret, the star avoided leaks; while the inability to purchase individual tracks online meant fans had no choice but to pay for the whole album.

Beyonce's fifth album has broken iTunes sales records, with 828,773 copies sold in just three days

Beyonce’s fifth album has broken iTunes sales records, with 828,773 copies sold in just three days

Beyonce, 31, said the “visual album” was inspired by her memories of watching Michael Jackson’s Thriller video premiere in 1983.

The album was codenamed “Lily” by staff at her record label, Columbia, to avoid rumors spreading, and even key creative staff were kept in the dark about the release plans.

Reviews for the album were largely positive, with Billboard magazine praising Beyonce’s “creative audacity”.

Apple, which runs the iTunes store, said the album had broken its previous first-week sales record, set by Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience when it sold 580,000 in March.

The company has exclusive access to the album for a short period – thought to be a week. Physical copies of the record are expected in shops before Christmas.

Beyonce also went to number one in 104 countries, it reported.

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Beyoncé has been named the world’s highest ranking human being of 2013 beating Kim Kardashian, according to Bing.

Women ruled 2013, the top five most searched people of the year were all women, and only two men made it into the top ten- Justin Bieber (6th) and Barack Obama (10th).

What is surprising, however, is just how far Beyoncé’s behind Miley Cyrus appears. Miley Cyrus trails at No 9 in the Top 10 List.

Beyoncé has been named the world’s highest ranking human being of 2013 beating Kim Kardashian

Beyoncé has been named the world’s highest ranking human being of 2013 beating Kim Kardashian

However, Justin Bieber wins out as the most searched for celebrity on Bing in the UK alone. Justin Bieber outranks Beyoncé Knowles and Kate Middleton to top the chart in Britain.

2013 Most Searched Person of the Year

1.    Beyoncé Knowles

2.    Kim Kardashian

3.    Rihanna

4.    Taylor Swift

5.    Madonna

6.    Justin Bieber

7.    Nicki Minaj

8.    Amanda Bynes

9.    Miley Cyrus

10.  Barack Obama


Beyonce’s newly unearthed High School photos prove that she had a flawless smile and impeccable hair long before she was famous.

Beyonce, now 31, the musical megastar attended Welch Middle School in Houston, Texas, where her 13-year-old self was captured for prosperity in the 8th grade year book.

In the black and white photo that looks like it could be from a professional shoot, Beyonce beams to the camera confidently as her signature long hair is knotted on the top of her head and tumbles down over her shoulders.

Beyonce began dancing in elementary school, but when her dance teacher realized that she could hit all the high notes to a tune, she began tapping into that hidden talent instead.

By the age of 8 she was already auditioning with an all-girl entertainment group with childhood friend – and future star – Kelly Rowland, called Girl’s Thyme.

A spot on Star Search, the biggest entertainment talent show in America at the time, failed to win the band a victory however, and it would be a few more years before fame came knocking on their doors.

In the meantime, Beyonce Knowles enrolled in the Houston School for the Performing and Visual Arts, and her freshman yearbook photo from 1996 reveals her ever-blossoming beauty and innate style.

With her hair now silky smooth and straight, Beyonce still had her polished smile and unblemished image.

Unlike most high school kids who are tortured by bad skin, breakouts or braces, the Dreamgirls star appeared to be camera-ready at all times.

Wearing a pinafore dress with a long-sleeved white jumper underneath, her taste in fashion was certainly a lot more conservative than the outfits that fans are now used to her wearing.

While still a school girl, the future pop star was working hard on her path to stardom thanks to the encouragement of her father, Matthew, and mother, Tina, who designed all her costumes.

Beyonce’s newly unearthed High School photos

Beyonce’s newly unearthed High School photos

By 1996 when her high school year book photo was shot, the group (who had changed their name to Destiny’s Child) won a contract with Columbia Records and began recording their first album under an agreement with Sony Music.

According to reports, Beyonce never actually got her high school diploma because she dropped out before graduation to tour with the girls’ group.

In 1997, the band released their debut major label song called Killing Time, which was featured on the Men In Black soundtrack, and went on to have huge hits including Jumpin’ Jumpin’ and Say My Name.

Since then Beyonce has catapulted to worldwide fame and global domination with huge hits such as Irreplaceable and the 2010 Grammy winning Song of the Year, Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It).

Every heroine needs a sidekick, and with husband of five years, Jay-Z, by her side, Beyonce has gone from strength to strength.

The power couple welcomed daughter Blue Ivy Carter in January 2012, and recently tell-tale signs have sparked rumors that they are expecting their second child.

“I would like more children. I think my daughter needs company. I definitely love being a big sister and at some point when it’s supposed to happen,” Beyonce told Good Morning America on May 6, while keeping mum about whether she was expecting again or not.

“My biggest job in the world is to protect my daughter and I am very protective. I just want to make sure that she can have a healthy, safe, normal life.

“I feel really, really just lucky that I can still do what I love and now have a way bigger meaning, and that’s to be her mother.”

Beyonce – who is the voice of Queen Tara in the upcoming animated film, Epic – is currently globe-trotting on The Mrs. Carter World Tour.

During a performance in Copenhagen, Denmark, on Monday night she got a bum-slapping surprise in the middle of a sing-a-long for Irreplaceable as a fan outstretched his arm out to touch her bottom!

In video footage capturing the moment, Beyonce is seen turning around and looking shocked as the crowd gasp at the man’s action, before she threatens to have him thrown out of the concert.

Looking directly at the slapper, she can be heard saying: “I will have you escorted out right now, alright?”

The next stop on the European leg of her tour is Oslo, Norway, on Tuesday, before Beyonce moves on to Stockholm, Sweden, and then Antwerp in Belgium on Friday – where hopefully none of the audience will overstep respectful boundaries.

Earlier this month, Beyonce fueled the second pregnancy speculation when she had to cancel a gig at Antwerp’s Sportpaleis due to “dehydration” and “exhaustion”, after which she promised fans she would make it up to them by returning and putting on a great show.


UK ticketing giant Live Nation’s site put up a promotional poster for Beyonce’s not-yet-announced world tour dubbed “The Mrs. Carter Show”.

In the promotional image published Friday, Beyonce Knowles looks every bit the queen of pop with a billowing Victorian updo topped with a crown and golden royal-looking garb.

“I may have an announcement after the performance,” Beyonce said regarding touring plans at Thursday’s Super Bowl press conference.

“Fans should just stay tuned to see.”

The tour’s name is a direct reference to Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z, born Shawn Carter, and it fuels speculation that the couple might perform together.

There were already rumors the 43-year-old rap star would join Beyonce onstage when she performs during this Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVII half-time show.

In the past, the music power couple have collaborated on several tracks, including 03 Bonnie & Clyde, Crazy In Love, and Déjà Vu.

An estimated 111.3 million people tuned into last year’s Super Bowl, which featured a Cleopatra-style Madonna Voguing her way through a medley of hits.

Live Nation’s site put up a promotional poster for Beyonce's not-yet-announced world tour dubbed “The Mrs. Carter Show”

Live Nation’s site put up a promotional poster for Beyonce’s not-yet-announced world tour dubbed “The Mrs. Carter Show”

The last time Beyonce hit the road was her I Am… Tour, which grossed $119.5 million in 2009.

Beyonce’s Destiny’s Child bandmates, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, are also rumored to be joining her onstage.

The girl-group trio just released their first single in eight years, Nuclear, on their compilation Love Songs.

Speaking of album releases, Beyonce is said to have already recorded 50 songs while working on her follow-up album to 4.