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Bering Sea Gold latest episode, which was aired this weekend on Discovery channel, showed the loss of John Patrick Bunce.

At the start of the episode, fans got to see John Bunce dive down deep to look for gold. He did find some gold, but he also ran into an eel that worried him a bit. He was living his life on the edge and still trying to get the gold around it. He had found the best gold of the season.

John Bunce was out there getting gold for eight hours. This was a long day for him on the water and he decided it was not worth staying out there anymore. They decided it was time to pull out, but Zeke Tenhoff did not agree and they stayed out.

The end of the show was what shocked fans. Zeke Tenhoff went over to John Bunce’s house. They then showed a 911 call to the Nome police department. It is saying that they just witnessed someone committing suicide by shooting themselves in the head. He didn’t want to describe what happened and he was sure they were dead. He then said it was John Bunce.

Bering Sea Gold latest episode showed the loss of John Patrick Bunce

Bering Sea Gold latest episode showed the loss of John Patrick Bunce

On March 16, Bering Sea Gold went to their Facebook to post their condolences and fans responded.Fans are posting on the status and they have a lot of mixed feelings. Most fans are posting sending prayers and saying they are sad for the loss of John Bunce. A lot of people are shocked that he did this because it did not seem like his character.

Many people are upset that they waited six months to air this episode, but they just simply didn’t change up the order of what happened. They waited to play it when it went actually happened.

John Patrick Bunce died of a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He was found at his home on September 1, 2012.
Some are claiming it was accidental.

Bering Sea Gold will air a new episode on Friday, March 22, at 9 p.m. CST.