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Belgian PM Charles Michel has been attacked with french fries and squirted with mayonnaise by anti-austerity activists.

Michel out, austerity out,” cried the four activists as the 38-year-old was beginning a speech on December 22 in the southern city of Namur, according to several reporters.

French fries with mayonnaise are a Belgian specialty.

The protesters were swiftly tackled by security guards as Charles Michel looked on, smiling in a mayonnaise-stained suit.Blegium PM Charles Michel mayo attack

After the incident, the prime minister restarted his speech apologizing for smelling of mayonnaise.

Charles Michel, 39, who took office in October, leads a coalition that intends to raise the retirement age in Belgium to 67, scrap plans for a usually automatic cost-of-living raise next year and cut public-sector spending.

The plans sparked several rounds of strikes and demonstrations in the past weeks, including a march of more than 100,000 people in Brussels, which ended in violent protests that left dozens of police officers injured.

Food-related protests are a Belgian specialty.

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The laptop of outgoing Belgian PM Elio Di Rupo has been stolen after a thief broke into his car in Brussels.

The theft took place on August 18 while PM Elio Di Rupo was at the gym, but details have only just emerged.

Elio Di Rupo’s spokesman has denied reports that the laptop contained state secrets and sensitive details about the royal family.

The theft primarily involved “personal notes and some work documents”, the spokesman said.

The thief saw his chance when Elio Di Rupo’s driver popped into a bookshop while the prime minister was in the gym in the centre of Brussels, Dutch-language daily Het Laatste Nieuws reported on August 21.

Elio Di Rupo’s laptop has been stolen after a thief broke into his car in Brussels

Elio Di Rupo’s laptop has been stolen after a thief broke into his car in Brussels

He smashed a side window in the Audi A6, folded the back seat and found the laptop in the boot of the car.

PM Elio Di Rupo made a statement to police soon afterwards in which the newspaper reported he had referred to important details about internal politics and the royal family.

A briefcase, suit, white shirt and mobile phone charger were among other items stolen, the report said.

However, Elio Di Rupo’s spokesman said the theft did not involve classified information or state secrets and the laptop itself was thoroughly protected. Such documents were always transported according to rules and adapted procedures, a statement said.

Brussels police are investigating the theft.

Elio Di Rupo’s computers have received unwanted attention in the past, too. In September 2013, federal prosecutors opened an inquiry into two possible hacking incidents in the prime minister’s office.

A French-speaking Socialist, Elio Di Rupo took on the role of prime minister in 2011 after more than 500 days of political deadlock in which Belgium was left without a government.

Elio Di Rupo submitted his resignation after elections in May this year, but has continued in the role in a caretaker capacity.