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Chobani yogurt is being sued by two men for everything from not being “Greek” to selling deceptively unhealthy foods, according to the New York Daily News.

In the suit, the plaintiffs compare the nutritional value of Chobani’s yogurt to a Nestle Fudge ice cream bar and attack the brand’s name for being Turkish, not Greek. Furthermore, the suit points out that the yogurt is made by neither Greek nationals nor in Greece.

Chobani yogurt is being sued for not being enough Greek

Chobani yogurt is being sued for not being enough Greek

First a California lawsuit, and now a new legal battle in New York. Though the California lawsuit was dismissed, Chobani is fighting similar claims in New York.

According to the New York Daily News, Allen Chang and Barry Stoltz are seeking “unspecified monetary damages for apparently being tricked into thinking that 0%, which actually means it’s nonfat, refers to zero calories or sugar”.

The lawsuit also features complaints that Chobani isn’t Greek enough to boast the distinction on their label. Though the yogurt isn’t made in Greece, by Greek producers, or named after a Greek word, Chobani argued in a statement that most of its customers understand that the word “Greek” is being used to refer to their yogurt style, not origin.

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