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A tasty version of whole barbecued chicken features a delicious barbecue sauce glaze, flavored with lemon juice and Italian seasoning, for the perfect finishing touch.


2 whole chickens (3 lb. each)

2 small  lemons, cut in half

1 cup Barbecue Sauce

1 tsp.  Italian seasoning

4 cloves  garlic, peeled

Whole barbecued chicken for 4th of July celebration

Whole barbecued chicken for 4th of July celebration


HEAT grill for indirect grilling: Light one side of grill, leaving other side unlit. Close lid; heat grill to 350ºF.

TRIM and discard excess fat from chickens. Squeeze lemon juice into small bowl; reserve lemon halves. Add barbecue sauce and seasoning to juice; mix well. Place 2 each lemon halves and garlic cloves inside each chicken cavity.

PLACE chickens, breast-sides up, on grate over unlit area; cover. Grill 1-1/2 to 2 hours or until chicken is done (165°F), turning and brushing occasionally with sauce for the last 20 min. Remove and discard lemon halves and garlic from chickens before serving.