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Jason Stange, a bank robber wanted for violating his probation, has been caught police after starring in a low-budget horror movie using his own name.

Jason Stange, 44, had taken a role as a doctor who commits a “deranged act” in a movie called Marla Mae.

He appeared in a piece publicizing the shooting of the movie in a newspaper in Washington.Jason Stange Marla Mae role

Police agents recognized him and arrested him at a restaurant close to the movie set.

Jason Stange had pleaded guilty to an armed bank robbery in 2006 and was given a prison sentence of almost ten years.

In 2014, Jason Stange absconded from a “halfway house” facility and a warrant was issued.

Brandon Roberts, the movie’s producer, told the local News Tribune that Jason Stange was a talented actor who was well-liked by the cast and crew.

He said the film was rewritten to suit Jason Stange, who had “really nailed the audition”, adding that Stange will remain in the movie, which is scheduled for release in 2016.