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Norfolk Police is distributing letters warning the media not to harass Prince William and Kate Middleton and their family after the royal couple returned to Anmer Hall, their home on the Queen’s Sandringham Estate, with newborn Princess Charlotte on May 6.

The letter asks photographers respect Prince William and Kate Middleton’s privacy after “a number of intrusions” by people with long lenses.

It says it hopes “acts of harassment and breaches of privacy” cease.

Norfolk Police confirmed it was distributing letters on behalf of the royal couple.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been staying at Kensington Palace since the birth of Princess Charlotte on May 2 but travelled to Norfolk on May 6.

The three-paragraph letter from the royal couple’s communications secretary is being distributed outside Sandringham by Norfolk Police.Princess Charlotte at Anmer Hall

The letter says members of the Royal Family and their guests “have a more than reasonable expectation of privacy” while in the private estate.

“There have in the past been a number of intrusions into the privacy of the Royal Family which in the main have been as a result of professional photographers using long-distance lenses, not only to observe the Royal Family, but also to photograph them going about their activities on the estate,” the letter says, adding that previous warnings given to photographers had helped the situation.

“The Sandringham Estate trusts that there will not be a need to take any further action other than bringing these points to your attention.”

Anmer Hall, a Georgian mansion, is about 2 miles east of the Queen’s residence and dates back to about 1800, although some parts are much older.

It has recently been refurbished and now boasts a new kitchen and roof.

A garden room and quarters for the family’s full-time nanny – who will also care for 21-month-old Prince George – was also created during the improvements.

The majority of the work at Anmer Hall was paid for by the Royal Family from private funds.


Princess Charlotte and her parents, Kate Middleton and Prince William, have left Kensinton Palace for their Norfolk home, Anmer Hall.

They will spend the first few weeks of Princess Charlotte’s life at their recently-refurbished Georgian mansion.

Prince William is beginning two weeks’ paternity leave from his job as an air ambulance helicopter pilot.

Queen Elizabeth II first met her new great-granddaughter this week when she visited Kensington Palace.Princess Charlotte leaves Kensington Palace

Princess Charlotte’s brother, 21-month-old Prince George, was with Prince William and Kate Middelton for the journey to Anmer Hall, where the couple will adjust to life with two young children.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are expected to be based at Anmer Hall – on the Queen’s Sandringham estate – for the next few years as they raise Princess Charlotte and Prince George, who is almost two, with the help of a full-time nanny.

The couple recently undertook major renovations of the mansion, including a new roof and kitchen and the creation of a garden room and quarters for the nanny.

The majority of the renovation costs were paid for by the Royal Family from private funds.

Princess Charlotte was born on May 2nd at London’s St Mary’s Hospital, weighing 8lbs 3oz.


Kate Middleton and Prince William’s new baby daughter has been visited by family members at Kensington Palace.

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla spent more than an hour with their new granddaughter.

Kate’s parents, Michael and Carole Middleton, and her sister Pippa also met the princess.

The princess, who is fourth in line to the throne, was delivered at 08:34 BST on May 2nd at St Mary’s Hospital in London, and weighed 8lbs 3oz (3.7kg).Royal baby princess meets family members

Prince William and Kate Middleton will spend the next few days at Kensington Palace; afterwards they are expected to travel to their country home Anmer Hall on the Queen’s Sandringham estate in Norfolk.

A Kensington Palace spokesman said: “The duke and duchess are hugely grateful for the messages of congratulations they have received from people all over the world. It means a great deal to them that so many people have celebrated the arrival of their new daughter.

“Their Royal Highnesses were visited by the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, Mr. and Mrs. Middleton, and Pippa Middleton.”

Prince Harry, who narrowly missed the princess’s birth after returning to Australia to finish his secondment to the country’s military, said she was “absolutely beautiful” and he could not wait to meet her.

The name of the newborn princess – sister to Prince George – will not be announced on Sunday, May 3rd.

Bookmakers say Charlotte and Alice have emerged as the favorite names for the princess, followed by Olivia, Victoria and Elizabeth.