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Longboardstroller, the coolest invention for adventurous new mothers is here.

Parents could soon be able to take their toddlers out on skateboarding trips with them – as a pushchair has been invented that combines the two.

The wacky contraption consists of an elongated skateboard, known as a longboard, which has the seat section of a child’s buggy attached to the front of it.

Children between the ages of nine months and 4-and-a-half years old can comfortably sit in the buggy while their parents can hop on the back and propel it along.

The bizarre product dubbed the Longboardstroller has also been enhanced with a brake at the back and handlebars for steering behind the seat section.

The baby buggy will also mean parents will be able to take their children out on much longer “walks” they can with a normal stroller.

The product has been created by design studio Studio Peter Van Riet in Antwerp, Belgium, for buggy brand Quinny.

Longboardstroller, the coolest invention for adventurous new mothers is here

Longboardstroller, the coolest invention for adventurous new mothers is here

Inventors behind the Longboardstroller hope it will be an environmentally friendly alternative to travelling in cities and that parents will choose it over a car or bus.

Around eight prototypes of the product have been invented and it is currently being tested and evaluated for health and safety measures.

Peter Van Riet, 42, owner of Studio Peter Van Riet, said: “Last year we were approached by Quinny and they had an idea to make a stroller you could stand on.

“We met with parents o talk about it and came up with the idea of a stroller combined with a long board.

“With just a stroller alone you can travel maybe half a mile and this offers a solution to go further without having to use a car or another form of transport.

“It’s also environmentally friendly which is one of the main points behind it.

“To make the prototype we used part of an existing stroller and had a longboard made out of wood and fibreglass to make it stronger.

“It can hold children from about nine-months-old up to four-and-a-half years, with a maximum weight of around 35 lbs.

“Adults stand on the back and use the handles to steer or they can lean from side to side which also changes the direction.

“We are currently thinking about safety features such as what kind of brake it needs, how to attach the children and board sizes.

“It is difficult to say how much it will cost as it is not for sale yet but a good longboard costs up to £300 [$500] so it will be a bit more than that with the extra parts.”

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