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Imagine your life without a car. Hard to imagine, isn’t it?

Cars make our life simple, comfortable, and more efficient. However, cars come with their own hazards. Globally, close to 3,700 people meet their untimely death through road traffic accidents.

You read that right: a whopping 3,700 individuals.

If you have a family, the risks are even much higher. When it comes to the death of children and young adults between the ages of 5 to 29 years, road traffic accidents are the foremost cause. If you’ve ever experienced a road accident or you know anyone who has been in a road accident, you know how harrowing and devastating such experiences can be.

Thus, any feature that can ensure your car is safe should not be sneered at. Such measures should be wholeheartedly embraced and implemented. Here are three such measures (accessories).

Auto Emergency Braking

Cars with an Auto Emergency Braking (AEB) are 38% less likely to collide with another car. That’s how efficient an AEB feature is.

An AEB feature slows down your car or completely stops it in the event of a looming accident. It works by alerting the driver of an impending crash, but if the driver fails to take action, the AEB feature takes over and brings the car to a halt.

So, when you decide to purchase a new car, make sure you find a car that has an AEB fitted. For various manufacturers, an AEB feature may have another name. For instance, with Mazda, it is called the Smart City Brake Support while Mitsubishi calls it the Forward Collision Mitigation.  Check with your car manufacturer or retailer to ensure your car has an AEB feature.

Ignition Interlock Device

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, someone is injured in a drunk-driving crash every 90 seconds. This makes DUI related offenses one of the leading causes of road traffic crashes.

There have been various measures implemented to curb drunk driving, particularly license suspensions. However, the most effective way to curtail drunk driving is to use an Ignition interlock device. The device is a car breathalyzer that controls a vehicle’s ignition.

The driver, before starting a car, would be required to provide a breath sample through the mouthpiece of the ignition interlock device. Once the sample returns a breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) value beyond the stipulated value (0.02 for most states in the U.S), the car will not start.

While ignition interlock devices are often mandated for people who have been convicted of drunk-driving, it is also very beneficial for any ordinary driver.

Driver Fatigue Monitoring

Driver fatigue or drowsiness is a major cause of road accidents.

Using a unique pupil identification technique, the feature analyzes the behavior of a driver’s eyes and predicts if the driver is getting drowsy and not in the state to drive.

While the specifics differ by brands, this feature usually comes with WiFi, GPS, and built-in infrared light. If there is any aberration in driving behavior (including calls, tiredness, anxiety, smoking), sound and light alarms will go off. The Driver Fatigue Monitoring tool is especially useful for long journeys.

Wrapping Up

Your life is precious. With car accidents among the leading causes of deaths globally, it is imperative that everyone takes measures to ensure their cars are safe.

Fitting your car with devices such as ignition interlock device and auto emergency braking and making sure your airbags are always functional are crucial ways to keep your car – and more importantly, yourself and your family – safe.