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On Saturday Amanda Bynes tried her luck at a casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey – but not before turning a few heads.

Fellow casino-goers spotted the former child star at Revel Resort as she sat by her lonesome at the slots.

Amanda Bynes, 27, dressed in a long white lace maxi gown, wearing her sunglasses at night as she hid behind her favorite rumpled platinum blonde wig.

According to the NY Daily News, Amanda Bynes had a dog with her and was still wearing store tags on her dress.

The actress’ wild look made her easily stand out from the crowd, many noting her bizarre behavior and some claiming that she reeked of alcohol.

“Amanda Bynes was doing jumping jacks on the casino floor I’m done,” Twitter user @SunniLuke said, adding that she was “running around with messy hair and all white on..basically dreads”.

Few photos released of her on her fun night out with reports that she even attempted to call security on a man who attempted to take a picture.

Amanda Bynes was spotted doing jumping jacks as she plays slots at Atlantic City casino

Amanda Bynes was spotted doing jumping jacks as she plays slots at Atlantic City casino

“She started yelling at my dad and lunging at him,” a source told celebrity blogger Perez Hilton.

“She just freaked out screaming, <<he can’t take my picture>>.”

According to Twitter user @madhousezarry, Amanda Bynes has been hunkered down in the shore side city for days.

“Amanda Bynes is staying overnight at the casino my dad fixes computers at,” she said on Thursday afternoon.

Amanda Bynes was also spotted at the casino the night before, even making her way to the Borgata resort nearby.

Friend Jonathan Jaxson posted Saturday evening about Amanda Bynes’s big win.

He wrote: “Go @AmandaBynes for hitting a jackpot at the casino tonight!!! Whoop!!!”

When asked how she achieved success, Jonathan Jaxson added: “Rolling lots of dice. I have faith! ;)”

“You play and you hope to win. Girl won and did a dance! I would too!”

Earlier on Saturday Amanda launched a diatribe on her Twitter against the recent criticism she’s received.

“If I don’t like you I don’t want you to be happy and I’ll go out of my way to hurt you,” the Twitter spree started.

“When people say I need help, it says nothing about me. They aren’t getting any response from me.

“My real friends know I don’t need help. It makes me crazy to even have to respond to any type of rumor. I need to deny any false statement because I care about how I look.”