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art of negotiation

Image by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images

Beads of sweat are rolling down your face. It’s a big day. You know you’ve worked for this. But wait, that may not help. You have to convince this person.. or else.. or else?

‘Well, do or die!’

Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. But it’s a significant moment, nevertheless. And you don’t want to mess this up! What do you do?

‘..Panic and run!’

No, that’s not ideal. How about you read some negotiation tips instead?

‘That’s a real thing?’

Yes. Get your reading glasses. This might just save the day.

#1 Improve Your Listening Skills

It’s no secret that the number you mention first is a number that may not be the final one. The trick is to be quiet and let the other person do the talking. That doesn’t mean you’re not contributing.

While the other person is going on about how small his/her budget is, you can be racking your brains to let him know how you’re going to make a difference to his company and increase those numbers in the long run! Don’t interrupt them while they’re making their case. Let them speak. Once they have said all they have to, you take the floor and do your routine!

#2 More Information, The Merrier

When you pay attention to the person you’re negotiating with, you will want to know more to uncover the full picture. To discover everything that there is to the story, asking questions works like a dream. Finding out more about the subject will move the conversation forward.

The more details you have on their preferred negotiation strategies, the better you’ll be able to tackle them.

#3 What’s The Hurry? Don’t Rush It!

Haven’t we all been in negotiations where we said the right thing at the wrong time – making your point only to realize that the boss had a better one?

That does sound painful. Being alert to your surroundings and the other person’s mood is crucial to being in a negotiation. You can have any number of strategies or tactics up your sleeve, but if you don’t wait for the right moment – it could all go down the drain.

Make sure that you have the right timing with your words, actions, and offers. Who knows, you might just get what you were looking for!

#4 Sometimes you HAVE To Ask For It!

Here’s an idea – Take your nervousness and anxiety – roll it up into a ball, throw it high up in the air, and hit it out of the park. But here’s a more practical tip – How about you pen down all the reasons why you deserve to have what you are aiming for. Without considering yourself too ambitious or demanding, make a list of everything that can support your claim.

That was the easy part. Now comes the tough part. You have got to ask for it! Sure, it might be nerve-wracking and mind-boggling, sometimes you may not even get what you want, but the important thing is that you put your demand across. And sometimes, that can be rewarding in more ways than one!

#5 Don’t Forget Where You Are Coming From

Sure, the other person will have their problems – Not enough money, no available positions, no good enough opportunity, etc. However, one must have their morals and principles intact. Once you know what your reason for being in the situation is, you’ll rarely back down!

Some values cannot be compromised – and you should know what those are. Whether they are settling for a lower designation of not receiving a good enough offer or not enough perks. Know where your bar is and don’t go lower – because it may become a habit, and not by choice!


Phew! That was one tough negotiation, wasn’t it? But, it was a good experience.

Hopefully, you’ve learned something for the next negotiation!