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Lindsay Lohan has been arrested after getting into a fight at Club Avenue in New York City and allegedly punching another woman.

Lindsay Lohan, 26, was at the Club Avenue venue on Wednesday when she reportedly got into an altercation with a fellow female patron.

Police sources said the 28-year-old victim was at first involved in a scuffle with another woman before and altercation with Lindsay Lohan. The victim, described as a 28-year-old white woman, was left with bruising and swelling, according to the police.

Lindsay Lohan was taken to a nearby police station at around 4 a.m. local time accused of misdemeanor assault, and was seen emerging with a coat over her head later in the day.

The victim was not said to be in need of medical attention following the altercation.

But this is far from the Liz & Dick star’s only legal woe at present.

Lindsay Lohan arrived back in New York City from Los Angeles last week, and is expected to face a judge in the next few days where her probation is thought to be revoked.

According to TMZ, Lindsay Lohan will reportedly be charged for lying to police about being behind the wheel during a car accident with a truck on the Pacific Coast Highway in June.

Although Lindsay Lohan originally claimed her assistant Gavin Doyle was the one driving her Porsche at the time of the crash, he later told police it was, in fact, her who was behind the wheel.

Lindsay Lohan has been arrested after getting into a fight at Club Avenue in New York City and allegedly punching another woman

Lindsay Lohan has been arrested after getting into a fight at Club Avenue in New York City and allegedly punching another woman

Sources have told TMZ that the Santa Monica City Attorney will be ready to file a criminal case over the next few days, and it will then go to Los Angeles County Superior Court judge Jane Godfrey for arraignment, a legal procedure in which a person is formally charged with the crime.

The insiders said that once Lindsay Lohan is charged, Judge Jane Godfrey will revoke her probation and schedule a full hearing to about the alleged violation.

Sources previously revealed that Lindsay Lohan could face “significant jail time” after lying to the police.

Lindsay Lohan has been on probation since being found guilty of stealing a necklace in July 2011, for which she was sentenced to 120 days in prison and 480 hours of community service.

The actress recently cancelled an interview with Barbara Walters on the advice of her new PR team after a tough few months, which also saw her accuse mother Dina Lohan of taking cocaine and foil an intervention attempt by her father Michael Lohan.

In recent weeks. the actress has being doing a lot of promotion for her Lifetime TV movie about the life of Elizabeth Taylor – but has refused to answer any questions about the case.

Friends close to the star previously said she was “terrified” about her probation being revoked as she is desperately trying to get her life back on track.

Lindsay Lohan has a complex legal history that includes drink driving convictions and her infamous no-contest plea to the jewellery theft last year.

In May 2007, Lindsay Lohan was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and this led to her heading for rehab for 45 days.

And in July that year, Lindsay Lohan refused to take a sobriety test and was taken to a police station where her blood alcohol level was over the limit. She also had some cocaine in her pocket.

She later spent 23 days in jail after she was found guilty of violating her probation because she failed to perform her community service at a Los Angeles morgue.

In September, it emerged she was being investigated for allegedly hitting a pedestrian with her Porsche while on a night out in Manhattan, with the victim claiming she smelled of alcohol and had been slurring her words, and that she treated him like a “nothing”.

However, Lindsay Lohan recently admitted she was learning from her mistakes.

Speaking after the premiere of new movie Liz & Dick, she said: “You have life experiences, and I’ve had some very traumatic ones, very serious ones.

“You draw from experiences, that’s where I am right now. I’m drawing from the things I’ve seen and grown up with. I don’t want to go back.”

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