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Michael Jackson’s family lawsuit against his concert promoter AEG may soon reveal the biological father of the megastar’s three children after years of speculation.

The suit includes all three of Michael Jackson’s children as well as his mother Katherine and alleges AEG contributed to the star’s death by pushing him to work too hard ahead of This Is It tour and by hiring the doctor responsible for giving him the drugs that killed him.

As part of the trial’s potential award phase, AEG is prepared to present to the court evidence that, despite Michael Jackson’s claims, only one of the children is the King of Pop’s biological child.

According to a New York Post report, that child is the youngest of the bunch, 10-year-old Blanket.

A plea to the judge in the case from Michael Jackson’s family says it doesn’t matter, however.

Michael Jackson’s family lawsuit against AEG may reveal the biological father of his three children after years of speculation

Michael Jackson’s family lawsuit against AEG may reveal the biological father of his three children after years of speculation

They have begged the judge not to allow AEG to include biological evidence of the children’s parentage in the case, arguing it is irrelevant and only a means of damaging the family reputation.

However, AEG maintains that Michael Jackson’s claim that he fathered all the children himself is part of a bigger pattern.

Michael Jackson died in June 2009 after his personal doctor Conrad Murray administered a dose of the anaesthetic propofol that proved deadly for the singer.

In the lawsuit against AEG, the family claims the concert company failed to properly vet Dr. Conrad Murray, who they hired on behalf of Michael Jackson.

Though the biological origins of the Jackson children remain a mystery on the father’s side, many agree on who their mothers are.

Paris, 15, and Prince, 16, for instance, have a mother in former Michael Jackson’s nurse Debbie Rowe.

And many take as fact the assertion that Blanket’s mother is an unnamed San Diego-area Hispanic woman.

If AEG’s claims are true, though, Paris and Prince could have fathers among an assemblage of men.

Michael Jackson’s former dermatologist Arnold Klein, has said he is the biological father of both Paris and Prince.

Matt Fiddes, a former bodyguard of the megastar, asked for a DNA test to prove that he’s father to Paris shortly after Michael Jackson’s death and former child star Mark Lester has said he, too, may be Paris’s father.

As people take bets on who fathered the older children, no one seems to be refuting AEG’s supposed allegations about Blanket.

“Blanket looks just like him,” a Jackson family member told the New York Post.

“There is no doubt that he is Michael’s.”