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Gazing out into your backyard can be a little depressing during the winter months. Once winter is over, you will want to change this by reinvigorating your garden and getting it ready for spring – a month full of life, colour and vivaciousness. This can make an enormous difference to how your home both looks and feels, plus it also provides you with a great space for relaxing or entertaining guests.

Spring Cleaning

Much like cleaning around the house, the first stage involves tidying the entire area. Put on your gloves and fill a large bag with debris, twigs, any dead plants and anything else unsightly. This will make a big difference straight away and you will now be ready to revive the garden.

Bringing the Lawn to Life

The lawn plays a huge role in how a garden looks, so you will need to pay special attention to this area. Start off by raking the lawn to remove thatch and to identify areas of snow mould or brown patches. Next, you will want to aerate compacted spots to allow the grass to breathe and grow. Finally, you will want to start weeding and make sure that you are pulling from the root to completely get rid of the weed.


Next, you will want to tidy the borders of your backyard as these can make a huge difference to how it looks. This could involve simply washing the fences and gates, or perhaps giving them a new lick of paint to really inject some colour into the backyard. You will also want to clean any tables or pavement areas, with rotary surface cleaners being the best way to do this. These are available from suppliers such as SGS.

In With the New

With the bleak winter now a distant memory, you will want to bring colour and life to your backyard. The best way to achieve this is to visit a garden centre and pick out a range of colourful and attractive new plant life, plus you may also find other decorative items to add some personality to your garden.

Create Areas for Relaxation

Finally, you will want to create an area for you to relax or socialise in. Bring out your garden table and chairs, invest in a bench, wheel out the barbeque and start enjoying your newly invigorated and beautiful backyard either with a good book or with a few friends round.

With these simple steps, your garden will quickly become your new favorite place to relax and somewhere that is full of colour and life.