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Shrien Dewani has been cleared of murdering his wife Anni during their South Africa honeymoon, after the judge threw out the case.

Judge Jeanette Traverso said the evidence presented by the prosecution fell “far below the threshold” of what a reasonable court could convict on.

She said the evidence of the prosecution’s main witness was “riddled with contradictions”.

Anni Dewani’s family said they had been failed by the justice system.

Announcing her ruling, the judge said the only reason not to grant the application would be in the hope that Shrien Dewani would implicate himself if he gave evidence.

Shrien Dewani, a 34-year-old British business, was extradited to South Africa this year to face trial accused of planning the murder of his wife in November 2010.Shrien and Anni Dewani

He listened intently as key evidence against him was criticized by the judge as she gave her ruling over almost three hours.

Shrien Dewani went straight down to the cells to prepare for his release, following the decision, as his family embraced.

It is believed he left the court, without making a comment, through a side entrance.

Shrien Dewani’s family, who had said it would it be a “nightmare” if the trial did not continue, immediately left the court room.

They bowed their heads amid shouting from the public gallery.

Her uncle, Ashok Hindocha said the family would be going through the case with their lawyers to confirm whether they can file a lawsuit against Shrien Dewani in the UK.

The judge ruled it was not necessary for Shrien Dewani to give evidence, saying a defendant was entitled to be discharged if there was no possibility of conviction unless he entered the witness box and incriminated himself.

The judge said the evidence from the three criminals already convicted over Anni Dewani’s murder was “so improbable, with so many mistakes, lies and inconsistencies you cannot see where the lies ended and the truth begins”.

Shrien Dewani has always denied plotting with others to murder his bride, who was found shot dead in the back of their taxi after the couple were hijacked during a late-night tour of a township.

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Xolile Mngeni, the man jailed for shooting dead Anni Dewani in 2010, has died in prison, South Africa’s correctional services department has said.

Xolile Mngeni, who was convicted of killing Anni Dewani while she was on her honeymoon, had been serving a life sentence for her murder.

His death comes amid the trial in Cape Town of British businessman Shrien Dewani, who denies arranging his wife’s murder.

Xolile Mngeni, 27, died in the hospital section of Cape Town prison, officials said.

South Africa’s correctional services department has said it will make a full statement about his death on October 18.

Xolile Mngeni was jailed for shooting dead Anni Dewani in 2010

Xolile Mngeni was jailed for shooting dead Anni Dewani in 2010

The death of Xolile Mngeni comes 12 days after Shrien Dewani went on trial.

Shrien Dewani, 34, faces five charges including murder and lying about the circumstances of his wife’s death.

He denies any involvement in the killing, which happened in the Gugulethu area of Cape Town.

Reports suggest prosecutors in South Africa had spoken to Xolile Mngeni but had not planned to call him as a witness in the trial because of the poor state of his health.

Xolile Mngeni was known to have had a rare brain tumor removed in 2011.

Anni Dewani was kidnapped at gunpoint and shot dead in Gugulethu, a township near Cape Town on 13 November 2010 while on honeymoon in South Africa. Shrien Dewani, who was kidnapped alongside her, was later released unharmed.

Xolile Mngeni was charged with murder, robbery with aggravating circumstances and kidnapping three days after her death and was convicted on November 19, 2012, of firing the shots that killed Anni Dewani, having denied the charges.