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Chinese actress Angelababy’s face has been examined as part of a high-profile legal case in China, local media report.

Angelababy, 26, is suing a clinic for defamation after it alleged she had plastic surgery done on her face.

Doctors who examined the actress on October 15 said that her looks were genuine.

It came a week after Angelababy’s widely-publicized wedding to actor Huang Xiaoming, who has defended her, saying she “sometimes looks quite ugly”.

A Beijing judge had suggested that Angelababy’s face be examined by medical professionals to certify its authenticity.Angelababy plastic surgery case

Angelababy, whose real name is Yeung Wing, went through a series of X-ray scans and tests – which at one stage involved a doctor prodding her face – at a plastic surgery hospital in Beijing on October 15. She was accompanied by notaries public and several journalists.

Hospital chief Qi Zuoliang later pronounced Angelababy’s looks to be genuine.

“Baby’s entire head and facial bones do not have any signs of incisions,” he told reporters, using a popular abbreviation of the actress’ stage name.

News of the actress’ examination dominated discussion on Chinese social network Sina Weibo on October 15, with many of her fans expressing support.

Angelababy, who first shot to fame as a model and actress in Hong Kong, has long been dogged by rumors that she had plastic surgery, with pictures purportedly showing her natural face circulating online in recent years.

The actress has sued Beijing beauty clinic Ruili for carrying an article on its website in 2012 alleging that she had plastic surgery, and is seeking 500,000 yuan ($79,000) in compensation.

Angelababy has insisted that her unique looks come from her European heritage – her paternal grandfather was German.

She married Huang Xiaoming on October 8 in one of the biggest and most lavish celebrity weddings China had seen, which reportedly cost 200 million yuan ($31.5 million).

Huang Xiaoming has previously defended Angelababy, saying in a 2014 interview: “Actually she sometimes looks quite ugly to me.

“I’m not an idiot, I definitely can tell she hasn’t had plastic surgery, sometimes she doesn’t put on make up and she really looks like those ugly pictures of her.”