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There is no destination greater for adventure lovers than the United States. This beautiful country is like a natural playground with stunning mountain ranges, epic lakes, thick forests, vast desert, swampland and plenty more. It boasts some of the greatest natural wonders on the planet and is also home to amazing wildlife. Here are a few of the best and most overlooked places to visit and things to do whilst on a stateside adventure.


Route 66

One of the most legendary and fabled roads in the entire world, there is no greater way to see the heart and soul of America than with a road trip along “America’s Main Street”. Taking you from Chicago all the way to the West Coast, Route 66 allows you to see the beautiful and varied terrain and you can also stop off at various national highlights, including the Grand Canyon. This journey is famous for self-discovery, freedom and adventure – perfect.


Niagara Falls

The epic Niagara Falls are something that everybody should see in their lifetime and it is sure to take your breath away. An adventure holiday here could consist of getting up close on a catamaran, but you will also want to explore the surrounding area. This should include viewing the stunning Finger Lakes, walking the Freedom Trail in Boston and perhaps going over the border and exploring beautiful areas of Canada, like Quebec and Montreal.

Image source Flickr

Image source Flickr


Deep South

America’s Deep South is often overlooked by adventure seekers, but this is a fascinating part of the country with a unique cultural landscape and turbulent history. It is also where you can trace the roots of American music to and this makes it a must for music lovers. Expect a colourful music scene, wonderful hospitality and delicious finger licking cuisine. To see the greatest places in the Deep South, you will want to book an adventure tour with a reputable company, such as Grand American Tours.


Yellowstone National Park

Grand Canyon National Park may be the obvious choice (and another must-visit), but Yellowstone National Park is an astonishing part of the world with outstanding natural beauty and it is the world’s oldest National Park. Here you will find epic canyons, thick forests, hot springs, winding rivers, gushing geysers and a whole host of amazing wildlife.


The USA is a fantastic destination for an adventure holiday due to its diverse, rugged and beautiful natural scenery. The above are just a few of the great things to do and places to visit for those seeking a once in a lifetime adventure.