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Former America’s Next Top Model star Renee Alway was unrecognizable in a new police mugshot released on Wednesday.

Renee Always appeared battered and bruised while her eyes look downward in despair.

The contrast couldn’t have been greated to the height of her fame.

Renee Alway’s eyes appear to be bruised with red marks underneath them while there are cuts and scratches around her face in the aftermath of her six hours armed standoff with police officers last month.

She was arrested on June 28 for investigation of burglary, fraud, narcotics possession, committing a felony while on bail and other charges, the Palm Springs Police Department said in a statement.

Officers responding to a report of a suspicious woman walking around a neighborhood spotted a condominium with an open back door, police said.

Former America's Next Top Model star Renee Alway was unrecognizable in a new police mugshot

Former America’s Next Top Model star Renee Alway was unrecognizable in a new police mugshot

Neighbors told officers the residents were out of the country and Renee Alway was found hiding in the garage allegedly armed with a gun, police said.

Authorities believed an armed man also was in the condo and the SWAT team was called in for the ensuing six-hour standoff.

Renee Alway has remained in custody at the Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility in nearby Banning with bail set at $150,000.

She was scheduled to appear in court on Thursday for a drug court evaluation.

Renee Alway also was arrested on June 2 and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, petty theft and fraud.

She pleaded not guilty and was released on bail, which prompted the charge of committing a felony while on bail following her latest arrest.

Renee Alway has been arrested three times this year, Sgt. Kyle Stjerne told KTLA News in Los Angeles.

He did not give any specifics on her other alleged crimes.

Renee Alway competed on Cycle 8 of the modelling competition show created by and starring Tyra Banks and finished third.

Cycle 20 of America’s Next Top Model will premiere on August 2.


For almost a decade America’s Next Top Model has been a female-only contest, but male contestants will be accepted for the first time starting with the show’s next season.

Tyra Banks, the series’ creator and host, took to Twitter to convey her excitement, writing: “ANTM 20. Bring on the boys!”

Both male and female models will live in the same house, and all will battle it out to be crowned winner.

America’s Next Top Model first aired in 2003, and there have since been 19 cycles of the series.

It was confirmed yesterday that cycle 20 will debut in 2013 on the CW network, although a specific premiere date has not yet been announced.

It is only known that the show will start airing in summer instead of the fall, in a bid to boost ratings.

There is also no word on who will feature on the judging panel.

Tyra Banks shook up the series when she parted ways with Nigel Barker, Jay Manuel and J Alexander.

The three were replaced with male model Rob Evans, Johnny Wujek as photo shoot creative consultant and social media correspondent Bryanboy.

The judge panel for Cycle 19 also saw the addition of Kelly Cutrone.

America’s Next Top Model is currently in the midst of its 19th cycle, which stars college students.



Tyra Banks, who has famously fluctuated in weight since her days as a professional model ended, admitted today she has herself fallen victim to foolish methods of weight loss.

“A couple of years ago I lost – I wouldn’t say it was 30 [pounds] – but it was a considerable amount of weight,” said the fashion industry icon.

Tyra Banks, 38, was speaking at a press conference in Singapore to launch Asia’s Next Top Model, the latest adaptation of her successful TV franchise.

“I went on a health challenge with the crew of America’s Next Top Model, and at the time I had a talk show,” Tyra Banks explained.

Tyra Banks and her crew were filming in Brazil, and after realizing that they were “really unhealthy [and] not working out”, a decision was made to “see who can get the healthiest the fastest”.

“I’m very competitive, so what did I do? I ate so much for about three weeks, so that I could gain 10 pounds so that when we all weighed in, I could weight a lot more and then lose it fast.

“So I won. I lost a lot of weight, but then I looked in the mirror and decided I’d lost too much.

“And so I’ve actually gained some back.”

Tyra Banks admitted she has herself fallen victim to foolish methods of weight loss

Tyra Banks admitted she has herself fallen victim to foolish methods of weight loss

Tyra Banks told the Singapore audience she created America’s Next Top Model to “expand the definition of beauty, and to show different types of beauty”.

“But I feel that after 10 years of Top Model being on the air, that the public now understands that it’s not about looking like Barbie, but that it’s about so many different types of beauty.”

Tyra Banks said: “The fashion industry has always been obsessed with thin …

“I fight every single day to try to expand that, and to try to show different types of beauty.

“So sometimes my girls will win America’s Next Top Model, and then call me crying, saying they don’t fit any of the clothes at Fashion Week, and so that’s a challenge that we have.

“But it’s what the Tyra Banks company stands for, it’s what America’s Next Top Model stands for … is not having a cookie cutter.”

One of the Victoria’s Secret original angels, Tyra Banks says she’s proud of Vogue magazine.

“They just started an initiative where they’re going to pay attention to girls that they feel are unhealthy, not treating themselves their bodies right – and hopefully they won’t just have a size double zero on the runway.”

She added: “If that was the rule when I started high fashion modelling back in the day, I wouldn’t be on the stage right now, because there is no way even one of my thoighs could have gotten into a double zero.”

The high-profile entrepreneur, who famously prefers the term “fiercely real” over “plus-size” for models that aren’t double zeros, said she believes “things are changing slowly” in her industry.

“Sophia Loren and Marilyn Munroe and Jane Mansfield … the thing is with women’s bodies, our bodies go in and out of fashion.

“One decade it’s about curves, and another decade it’s about being thin, if you think about Twiggy’s era.

“Then another decade it’s about being athletic, if you think about the Eighties; then the Nineties was even more athletic – you have to have a six pack – like Janet Jackson.

“And then the new millennium was about being super stick thin, then for a little bit you had to have a big bootie like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian … and now it’s like, ‘Ooh you gotta be skinny again – but not too skinny.

“It’s really sad that as women, we cannot be really beautiful in our differences. It’s a sad fact that women have to live with.”

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