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Deanna Gines has accused Chris Brown of assaulting her in a nightclub.

Deanna Gines alleges that the incident, which Chris Brown’s camp have denied, was so bad she now may need to undergo surgery.

The alleged assault occurred on Saturday night in the Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim, California, after Chris Brown had earlier performed at the nearby Honda Center.

Deanna Gines, 24, claimed to TMZ that Chris Brown pushed her to the ground when the bar was about to close.

She alleges that she fell hard on her knees and claims the push was deliberate.

Deanna Gines has accused Chris Brown of assaulting her in a nightclub

Deanna Gines has accused Chris Brown of assaulting her in a nightclub

Deanna Gines stated that she went to the hospital following the alleged incident and was told by doctors that she has torn ligaments in her right knee.

The website reports that Deanna Gines has been informed she may need surgery and is going to see another doctor this week.

The woman shared a photo with the publication in which she can be seen on crutches with her leg in a brace.

Deanna Gines claimed to TMZ that she filed a police report and the according to the website a representative for the Anaheim Police Department has confirmed a report was filed by a female that evening.

However, the publication states the representative has not disclosed the name in the report for assault.

A representative for Brown said: “Chris didn’t do this. The club also says they are unaware of this happening. Everyone with Chris knows nothing about this.

“The girl has not come in in-person to The Anaheim Police Station and she would not go into details with the police regarding her injuries – she only told them that she was pushed. She said all of this over the phone. She also didn’t call the police at the time she’s saying the alleged assault happened.”

Chris Brown’s representative added: “We’re getting statement from the club. Turns out this person was wasted and threw her shoe at club security so they started filming her for liability reasons. Trying to get that footage.”

Chris Brown was famously charged with assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.