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This year Israel celebrates 67th anniversary of its independance. On the eve of this event, Site Jewish News has collected 10 most interesting facts you didn’t know about this Jewish State.

1. Till 1979, relations between Israel and Iran were quite warm.

Up until al-Khomeini revolution, Iran supplied Israel with oil and got modern weapon in return. Moreover, Iran was one of the first muslim countries to recognise the independence of Israel. There was a tight collaboration between the two countries and the airline “El Al” served regular flights to Tehran.

2. Golda Meir – world’s third woman prime minister.

10 Interesting Facts About Israel

10 Interesting Facts About Israel

Being a native of Kiev, in the late 60s, Golda Meir has repeated the success of Indira Gandhi and Sirimavo Bandaranaike, by having taken the Prime Minister office of her country. Up to the present days, the role of Golda Meir in the history of Israel remains very controversial.

3. Descendants of the Third Reich leaders still live in Israel.

Such statement was made by the creators of one of the documentary films, released in 2013. What is known for sure, is that after the war some Nazi kinsmen really embraced Judaism and intermarried with Jews.

4. TV broadcasting in Israel appeared only in the late 1960s.

Up until 1986, TV broadcasting was occasional and there was only one channel in the country. Only in 1990, with the advent of Cable TV, Israel television began quickly developing.

5. Prime Minister of Israel initiated the manufacture of synthetic rice.

In 1950s, Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion designated one of the country’s food producers, create a full analogue of rice, which has not got recognitions in the Middle East.

6. American airline has evacuated thousands of Jews from Yemen.

During one year (1949-1950), while rescuing Jewish Yemenis from anti-semitic demolitions, Alaska Airlines has evacuated about 50 thousand Jewish Yemeni.

7. Mother-in-law of the British Queen is buried in Israel.

The remains of Princess Alice of Battenberg (the mother of Prince Philip and mother-in -law of Queen Elizabeth II) was buried in the cemetery of the Mount of Olives in 1988. In war-time, this brave, deaf-mute princess has saved a jewish woman and several children.

8. Albert Einstein could have become the president of Israel.

A famous scientist got this offer from the Prime Minister Ben-Gurion in 1952. Einstein refused the offer without giving any reasons to his refusal.

9. The Mount Scopus is de-facto a part of East Jerusalem.

The mountain territory came under the control of Israel after the Six-Day War in 1967.

10. It has been 25 years since Israel adopted the law regulating water heating using solar energy.

It turned out to be an effective solution to overcome a severe energy crisis. Today, 9 of 10 houses use solar water heaters.

Albert Einstein’s extraordinary genius may have been related to a uniquely shaped brain, a new study suggests.

Researchers compared Albert Einstein’s brain to 85 “normal” human brains to determine, what, if any, unusual features it possessed.

“Although the overall size and asymmetrical shape of Einstein’s brain were normal, the prefrontal, somatosensory, primary motor, parietal, temporal and occipital cortices were extraordinary,” Dean Falk, the Hale G. Smith Professor of Anthropology at Florida State, told Science Daily.

“These may have provided the neurological underpinnings for some of his visuospatial and mathematical abilities, for instance.”

Using 14 recently discovered pictures of the genius’ brain, Dean Falk and her colleagues were able to describe Albert Einstein’s entire cerebral cortex.

Albert Einstein's extraordinary genius may have been related to a uniquely shaped brain, a new study suggests

Albert Einstein’s extraordinary genius may have been related to a uniquely shaped brain, a new study suggests

Their study, The Cerebral Cortex of Albert Einstein: A Description and Preliminary Analysis of Unpublished Photographs, was published November 16 in Brain, a journal on neurology.

With permission from his family, Albert Einstein’s brain was removed and photographed upon his death in 1955.

It was even sectioned into 240 blocks to make histological slides.

The paper will also outline a “roadmap” to Albert Einstein’s brain made in 1955 by Dr. Thomas Harvey.

Most of those photos, blocks, and slides have been lost from the public eye, and the photographs used by Dean Falk’s team are held by the National Museum of Health and Medicine.