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Aisha Khan, a student who disappeared from the Edwards campus of the University of Kansas last week has been found alive and well, but where she was for the last five days remains a mystery.

Aisha Khan, 19, was believed to have been kidnapped when she vanished from her university campus after claiming in a frantic voice-mail on Friday that she had been attacked by a man.

Police said today Aisha Khan was NOT abducted, sparking anger among people who had supported the massive search for her.

Many took to the Help Find Aisha Khan Facebook page to raise questions about why she did not contact police earlier.

Aisha Khan has been found alive and well, but where she was for the last five days remains a mystery

Aisha Khan has been found alive and well, but where she was for the last five days remains a mystery

FBI agents had joined 10 police detectives, 50 police officers, and University of Kansas security guards in the massive search for Aisha Khan, which received nationwide media coverage.

Officers on horseback searched nearby woodland and volunteers handed out flyers.

Aisha Khan husband of five-months, Waseem Khan, appeared on “Good Morning America” yesterday where he begged kidnappers to let her go and her family offered a $10,000 reward for clues on her whereabouts.

However, police said they were able to locate Aisha Khan and she was not abducted or held against her will, according to KMBC, and despite the strange disappearance no criminal act occurred.

The police investigation has been closed, but no other details on Aisha Khan’s whereabouts for the last five days or what happened have been released.

A statement posted on the Help Find Aisha Khan Facebook page said: “On behalf of the Khan family, we are ecstatic to announce that Aisha has been found.”

However, the family are keeping quiet about the details of the disappearance.

As it became clear Aisha Khan had not been abducted, hundreds of supporters of the group took to the page to demand answers to where she had been.

Some commented that the young bride had run away and or even faked her own kidnapping.

Aamer Trambu, a family friend, told The Kansas City Star: “We believe our prayers have been answered. We do not have enough information yet, and we cannot tell you anymore.”

Aisha Khan, who is studying for her finals, disappeared on Friday morning after she was allegedly assaulted on a secluded picnic table at the campus in Overland Park.

After running away from a “intoxicated man” Aisha Khan called her older sister Faiza and left a voicemail saying she had been attacked and that she was “freaked out”.

When Aisha Khan’ sister arrived at the scene shortly after, all she found were her books and mobile phone on her favorite bench.

The message said: “My heart is pounding. I’ve never got this scared in my life. Pick up your phones. I am freaking out right now!”

The student made it clear she had slapped the man and run away, but it was unclear whether she thought he smelt of alcohol or marijuana.

Authorities said workmen believe they saw someone matching Aisha Khan’s description walking away from the campus alone.

Concerns have been raised that her five-month marriage had been arranged against her will, but they have been denied by friends.

Emily Cheatham told ABCNews: “She would not run away. She was happy with her life, with her new marriage.

“There wouldn’t be any reason that she’d want to run away.”

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