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A major sandstorm across the United Arab Emirates has reduced visibility to just a few hundreds feet in some parts of Dubai.

High winds have whipped up desert sands causing residents to suffer breathing difficulties.

The storm has led to flight diversions from Dubai’s International Airport, leaving many passengers stranded.

Abu Dhabi police say the storm has caused a serious traffic accident and forecasters predict it could last days.Dubai sandstorm 2015

Although sandstorms are not unusual in the region, the extreme weather has shocked some locals.

“Last time, I have seen [a storm], it was not up to this,” said one Dubai resident.

“I felt very bad, and I hear that there were some accidents already on Dubai’s roads.”

Abu Dhabi police say a 24-year-old has been airlifted to hospital after being seriously injured in the traffic accident caused by the reduced visibility.

The United Arab Emirates’ National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology warned of reduced visibility of as little as 500 meters.

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