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Mathieu M., a French teenager is accused for killing of 13-year-old girl, Agnes Marin, from his boarding school, after he raped her.

Mathieu M., 17, had spent four months in jail for raping another minor, in southern France.

The teenager had been under judicial supervision. The school said it had not been fully aware of his past.

Last Friday, the body of Agnes Marin was found in a forest close to the school. She had been raped and burned.

Agnes’s mother, Paola Marin, said she would not have died “but for a little less negligence” from the school.

The victim’s father, Frederic Marin, alleged that the school, Cevenol International in Chambon-sur-Lignon, had been aware of the boy’s history and that he had problems involving “acts of sexual aggression”.

Head teacher Philippe Bauwens, told French radio station RTL that the school was aware the boy had had problems with the judiciary but did not know their nature.

“We had no contact with the judicial authorities,” he said.

After an emergency meeting with fellow ministers on Monday, French Interior Minister Claude Gueant told TF1 television that “there had been a dysfunction” in the case and that reform of the justice system for minors would be a priority after elections next spring.

Agnes Marin's burned body was found in a forest close to the school

Agnes Marin's burned body was found in a forest close to the school

Prime Minister Francois Fillon said that in the most serious cases where a minor was a suspect, they should be “placed in a secure educational centre”.

Francois Fillon also asked cabinet colleagues to ensure that it was no longer possible for a pupil to be enrolled in a school without the head teacher being fully informed of serious cases involving judicial supervision.

French media report that Mathieu M. was accused of raping a childhood friend and that after four months in custody had been assessed as not posing any danger.

Mathieu M.’s parents were said to have looked for another school for him to complete his education but had been rejected on several occasions before being given a place at Cevenol International.

Agnes Marin disappeared on Wednesday last week and her body was found two days later. The prosecutor said had been murdered in an extremely brutal manner.