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Women are obsessed with staying and looking young, as are men for that matter. In today’s society, being old isn’t desirable even though it has its advantages. Knowledge is power, and you only accumulate both as you age. There’s a reason politicians and billionaires tend to be in their fifties when they make a major breakthrough. Regardless, we are slaves to public opinion and want to postpone the process for as long as possible as a result.

In your quest, methods such as face masks may have raised their head. And, in a bid to maintain your youth, you tried it in desperation. Sure, moisturizing and stay hydrated are neat home-based tips, but they don’t last forever. The long-lasting advice comes from the experts, and you need them to stay young for longer.

Don’t fret if your contacts are on the low side because Belle News has got you covered. These are the hacks you have to know.

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Stop Smoking

Smoking doesn’t apply to everyone, but the vast majority does like a sneaky puff. According to the stats, 1 billion people inhale around the world with 5 million deaths each year. Those that survive aren’t the lucky ones as they have to deal with a bad body image. Toxins and chemicals from cigarettes, such as tar, contribute to free radicals in the body. In layman’s terms, these are singular atoms that are constantly looking for a partner. To find one, they have to break down cells, and the process leads to everything from wrinkles to crows’ feet. Plus, it chips away at hormone production. Studies show that cigarettes damage collagen levels, and that causes lines to form prematurely. There are plenty of reasons to quit, but science is the ultimate factor.

Don’t Reach For The Stars

If you do, you may stray too close to the sun and get burned. Ultraviolet is no joke and should be treated with enormous respect. Aside from the fact it can cause burns and scarring, the sun is also a factor in contracting cancer. Only accounting for 1% of all cancers, melanomas are the most deadly form of skin disease. And, the sun’s rays can transform cells and encourage them to grow and spread. Obviously, a dangerous illness will result in a rapid breakdown of your body, which is why it should be avoided. Therefore, staying inside on a sunny day is a boring yet potential life saving activity. Alternatives for those of you with itchy feet include wearing sunblock and hats. Also, stay away from sunbeds.

Change Your Diet

Anyone who already eats leafy greens and doesn’t consume caffeine can read on. The rest of us need to think about what we put into our bodies on a daily basis. Junk food is delicious but it contains saturated fats and harmful nutrients. Regarding the skin, they often clog pores and kill off cells, both of which are factors in aging. The trick is to eat and drink stuff that has lots of healthy ingredients to help the body grow stronger and more efficient. Vegans and vegetarians benefit from their diet because fruits and veg are packed with vitamins, iron and potassium. Just as importantly, there are omega-3 fatty acids which are known as super-ingredients. With their antioxidant and inflammatory properties, fatty acids reduce redness eliminate acne. Clear skin is tighter and firmer and looks more youthful, and it’s all down to spinach, kale, and white fish.

Give In To Sleep

There is never enough time in the day. At, least that’s what the uber-busy people believe. The truth is that there are plenty of hours to run errands, have fun and laugh, and relax. Your problem is you don’t give equal weighting to significant moments in the day. Take sleep as an example. Career-driven men and women will be lucky to get 6 hours a night. Research states an average adult needs at least 7 and 9 is optimal. The reason is regeneration. During REMS and deep sleep, the body gets a chance to reboot. Therefore, the factors which are causing the signs of aging to show are dealt with before the morning. When you wake up prematurely, the problems still exist and exacerbate over time making the eyes and the face appear weathered. Sleep refreshes the entire body and resets it back to its original settings.


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Troll For Aids

In this situation, trolling doesn’t mean to provoke a reaction unnecessarily. Instead, it recommends searching the World Wide Web for beauty products. Let’s get one thing straight – there is no miracle cure. Going under the knife is risky business, too, because some patients look plastic and unnatural. That being said, beauty products which can stem the tide do exist and are available online. One that you may be unaware of is brightening serum for dark skin. Asians go mad for these cocktails, but westerners don’t want to be whiter; they want their skin to tan. However, it does contain hyaluronic acid and plenty of vitamins. As a result, tests show it does have smoothing benefits as well as helping to minimize pore damage. Aloe vera is another natural remedy to consider as it’s plant-based and is full of antioxidants.

Target The Correct Areas

‘I don’t know why I have bags under my eyes – I moisturize every day!’ Many people say this to themselves and fail to see the obvious. Unless lotion is applied to your eyes, the skin won’t tighten and will continue to look old. As silly as it sounds, people don’t target the problem areas when they try to fight aging. Professionals always recommend focusing on the main issues first and discarding the rest. For instance, the face, the neck and the hands are three notorious body parts regarding rapid aging. Because they show the signs earlier than the rest of the body, they should be at the top of your list. Everything else can wait until they are under control.

Aging is inevitable, but how do you plan on tackling lines and wrinkles when they begin to appear?


Scientists at King’s College London say they have developed a way of testing how your body is aging.

They say it could help predict when a person will die, identify those at high-risk of dementia and could affect medicine, pensions and insurance.

The team says that looking at “biological age” is more useful than using a date of birth.

However, the work, published in Genome Biology, provides no clues as to how to slow the aging process.Ageing test study

The test looks for an “ageing signature” in the body’s cells by comparing the behavior of 150 genes.

It was developed by initially comparing 54,000 markers of gene activity in healthy, but largely sedentary, 25 and 65-year-olds and then whittling them down to a final 150.

The team said “health” and “age” were two separate entities.

While some lifestyle decisions, like spending all day on the sofa, could be bad for your health they do not appear to affect the speed your body ages.

The team believes combining lifestyle factors and your biological age would give a more accurate picture of your health.

The researchers tried the test out on samples from a group of 70-year-old men in Sweden.

They worked out who was ageing well and who was ageing very rapidly and were able to predict who would die in the next few years.

The researchers say it could also alter cancer screening, with people who are ageing rapidly needing to be screened at a younger age.

The test could also form a “useful tool” in predicting the onset of dementia.

The research group at King’s College London are aware that being able to check your biological age could have wide-ranging consequences from pensions to insurance premiums.


There are plenty of women who strive to look younger and youthful when they reach the age of 40. When a woman around her 40s adopts some ways of looking young, it doesn’t mean that she wants to be 21 again but it means she prefers staying youthful and young. However, the anti-aging creams and the surgical methods usually freak out a woman and they remain confused about whether or not they should strive to look young. Apart from the above mentioned ways, there are also some natural ways of staying young, maintaining a clear skin and also maintaining good health conditions. If you’re someone who is looking for some smart ideas to remain young, here are some that you may consider.


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Eat the right things as healthy skin starts with healthy eating

Remember that you are what you eat. Each and every cell present within your body is made from the food that you eat. Hence, you should always feed your body with some nutritious foods, high quality foods and foods that are rich in protein in order to get best results. If you really want to motivate yourself for caring about your appearance, you should push yourself towards eating more vegetables and more plant foods. Eat healthy nuts, seeds, beta carotene, vitamin C, zinc and Vitamin E are some of the necessary items.


Apply sunscreen as that is the best anti-aging cream

Too much exposure to sun can damage your skin, enhance the chance of wrinkles, uneven tone, sun spots and dryness and none of these are the exact picture of youth. If you’re someone who is sensitive to sun and you spend more than 20 minute outside most of the days, applying a sun-screen is a must. Most dermatologists recommend people to apply SPF 15 sunscreen everyday and even during winter. However, for maximum anti-aging benefits, apply sun screen to your neck, ears and hands too.

Stay hydrated as water is the best ingredient of youth

When you drink lots of water, you are naturally taking steps to look and feel your best. For almost every body process, water is needed the most, including removal of waste and perspiration. It is water again that keeps our skin lump, moist and supple. Whenever you have wrinkles and fine lines, this shows that you’re dehydrated and so you should ensure that you meet your daily quota of water, which is 8 cups a day.

Alcohol ages you and so you should limit it as much as possible

Alcohol may have some health benefits but too much of anything is not good for health and especially it could b detrimental for your appearance. Drinking alcohol causes dehydration and it depletes your body of the necessary minerals and vitamins. When you drink alcohol, your liver has to work hard to release toxins from your body. Hence cutting down on alcohol can help you with a better complexion.

Hence, if you’re wondering about the secret ways to remain young, take into account the points mentioned above. However, if you’re not satisfied, you can visit www.hght.com/ for more information on the different ways of staying young and maintaining your youthfulness.