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Doctors at the Betty Ford rehab centre are said to have cut off Lindsay Lohan’s Adderall supply, according to reports.

TMZ claims that the doctors evaluated Lindsay Lohan, 26, last week and decided that she did not need the pills.

Lindsay Lohan takes the tablets because she claims to suffer from ADHD but the website reports that health practitioners at the treatment facility believe there are substitute medication.

TMZ also claims that Lindsay Lohan is now “hell bent on making her escape”.

The actress is said to want to move to another rehab centre where she can take the drug.

Lindsay Lohan takes Adderall because she claims to suffer from ADHD

Lindsay Lohan takes Adderall because she claims to suffer from ADHD

Adderall is known to be misused as a weight control and Betty Ford reportedly do not prescribe the drug to people over the age of 15.

The news of Lindsay Lohan’s rehab stay comes shortly after it was revealed that her parents Dina and Michael Lohan may be summoned to the Southern California-based Betty Ford Center for a family therapy session.

A source revealed to RadarOnline.com: “Lindsay’s counselors want to get Dina and Michael to Betty Ford for a series of sessions in the next few weeks.

“They feel like having her work through her family issues could help Lindsay’s recovery.”

“Families are encouraged to participate in group therapy,” the insider added.

But Dina Lohan dispelled the claim as fodder in a response to Radar.

“Where did you hear that from? News to me!” she answered when contacted by the website.

“I have a warrant for child support against him… he owes thousands in back child support,” she continued.

Meanwhile, Michael Lohan alleges he has paid Dina the child support in full, even furnishing a cashier’s cheque for $8,500 as proof.

He told Radar of a potential therapy session: “I will gladly attend, like I’ve always wanted to.

“It’s the only thing that will give Lindsay resolve and a chance to finally have her life and both parents back in her life.

“This is about Lindsay, not Dina or me. Our family needs healing and that’s the only way Lindsay is going to beat this”

“I’ll be there for anything she needs,” Michael Lohan finished.

The notorious couple finalized their divorce in 2007 after a tumultuous 22-year marriage.

They have remained estranged for years, communicating with each other only through bitter comments made to various press outlets.

It remains unknown whether Dina and Michael Lohan’s three other children, Michael Jr., 25, Ali, 19, and Cody, 16, were invited to participate in the group session.

A study found that overdue babies, those who were born after 42 weeks, were more likely to suffer behavioral problems such as ADHD in early life.

Women should be aware of the risks of prolonging pregnancy, experts report in the International Journal of Epidemiology.

The research was carried out in The Netherlands, where until recently it was commonplace for women to choose not to be induced if they were overdue.

A study of more than 5,000 babies found those born after 42 weeks were more likely to develop behavioral problems than those born around their due date, and had more than twice the risk of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

A study found that overdue babies, those who were born after 42 weeks, were more likely to suffer behavioral problems such as ADHD in early life

A study found that overdue babies, those who were born after 42 weeks, were more likely to suffer behavioral problems such as ADHD in early life

Lead researcher Dr. Hanan El Marroun from the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Erasmus MC-Sophia in Rotterdam said post-term as well as pre-term births seemed to be associated with long-term health effects.

She said: “Every pregnant woman knows that if the child comes early that’s not good, so why don’t we question the long-term effects of when a child comes too late?”

Complications include a higher risk of stillbirth and difficulties in delivering large babies.

However, a minority of women, dubbed “the 10-month mamas”, believe a baby will come in its own time and avoid medical intervention.


A recent study indicates that infants, under 3 years old, exposed to at least two general anesthesia procedures might have a higher risk of developing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The study was published this month in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

For the research, the Mayo Clinic scientists processed the data from a previous epidemiological study, that involved children born between 1976 and 1982 in Rochester, Minnesota, and identified those with learning disabilities or ADHD. There were 341 children younger than 19 with ADHD

Researchers looked for exposure to surgery and anesthesia before age 3 in the medical records of the Rochester Epidemiology Project, a decades-long database of all patient care in Olmsted County, Minnesota.

ADHD appeared in 7.3% of the children with no exposure to anesthesia and surgery, and the percentage in the children with one exposure to anesthesia and surgery was around 11.

With Cesarean section with a general anesthetic, only a single anesthetic, we didn’t find any effect,” said study author Dr. Juraj Sprung, professor of anesthesiology at the Mayo Clinic.


General anesthesia might lead to ADHD

Multiple general anesthesia exposures in infants under 3 might be associated with ADHD.


When children had at least two exposures to anesthesia and surgery, the percentage of ADHD rose to 17.9.

The scientists made adjustments for other factors (gestational age, sex, birth weight, co-morbid conditions, maternal age and education), but the rate of ADHD was still high.

These results may not be applicable to all racial or ethnic groups.

The population in 1976 and 1982 was mostly white/Caucasian here in Minnesota,” said Dr. Juraj Sprung.

A previous research published in Pediatrics in November 2011, suggested an association between early multiple anesthesia exposures and learning disabilities in language, reading, and math. The study was performed by the same team.

There were animal studies that showed how anesthetics could affect the brain. Rats had damages in the cortical areas of the brains and became hyperactive after anesthesia. The abilities to perform tasks involving executive function were affected in monkeys exposed to ketamine for 24 hours as new-born.

However, it is important to take in consideration the influences of both procedures (anesthesia and surgery), as well as other factors that may lead to ADHD.

Essentially, we did an observational study and we examined whether there is association with exposure to anesthesia, but not only to anesthesia,” said Dr. Juraj Sprung.

This is an observational study. A wide range of other factors might be responsible for the higher frequency of ADHD in children with multiple exposures. The findings certainly do suggest that further investigation into this area is warranted, and investigators at Mayo Clinic and elsewhere are actively pursuing these studies,” said study author Dr. David Warner, Mayo Clinic pediatric anesthesiologist.

This study does not suggest that parents should avoid surgery for their infants (as a method to prevent ADHD), if the surgery is needed.

At the present time, we shouldn’t make any recommendations based on the study, to do or don’t do the surgery. If you need the surgery, if you need the procedure, you certainly should go for it. What I would personally say: If it’s the type of surgery, the type of procedure that can wait, maybe it’s better to wait,” said Dr. Juraj Sprung.

ADHD appears in around 3-5% of children world wide and it is diagnosed in about 2-16% of children over 6 years old. It is a chronic disorder and almost half of those diagnosed in childhood have symptoms into adulthood. Around 4.7 percent of American adults have ADHD, it is estimated. Genetic and environmental factors are implicated in the development of this disorder. ADHD impede attention and focus, and includes restless and impulsive behavior.