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Doctors at the Betty Ford rehab centre are said to have cut off Lindsay Lohan’s Adderall supply, according to reports.

TMZ claims that the doctors evaluated Lindsay Lohan, 26, last week and decided that she did not need the pills.

Lindsay Lohan takes the tablets because she claims to suffer from ADHD but the website reports that health practitioners at the treatment facility believe there are substitute medication.

TMZ also claims that Lindsay Lohan is now “hell bent on making her escape”.

The actress is said to want to move to another rehab centre where she can take the drug.

Lindsay Lohan takes Adderall because she claims to suffer from ADHD

Lindsay Lohan takes Adderall because she claims to suffer from ADHD

Adderall is known to be misused as a weight control and Betty Ford reportedly do not prescribe the drug to people over the age of 15.

The news of Lindsay Lohan’s rehab stay comes shortly after it was revealed that her parents Dina and Michael Lohan may be summoned to the Southern California-based Betty Ford Center for a family therapy session.

A source revealed to RadarOnline.com: “Lindsay’s counselors want to get Dina and Michael to Betty Ford for a series of sessions in the next few weeks.

“They feel like having her work through her family issues could help Lindsay’s recovery.”

“Families are encouraged to participate in group therapy,” the insider added.

But Dina Lohan dispelled the claim as fodder in a response to Radar.

“Where did you hear that from? News to me!” she answered when contacted by the website.

“I have a warrant for child support against him… he owes thousands in back child support,” she continued.

Meanwhile, Michael Lohan alleges he has paid Dina the child support in full, even furnishing a cashier’s cheque for $8,500 as proof.

He told Radar of a potential therapy session: “I will gladly attend, like I’ve always wanted to.

“It’s the only thing that will give Lindsay resolve and a chance to finally have her life and both parents back in her life.

“This is about Lindsay, not Dina or me. Our family needs healing and that’s the only way Lindsay is going to beat this”

“I’ll be there for anything she needs,” Michael Lohan finished.

The notorious couple finalized their divorce in 2007 after a tumultuous 22-year marriage.

They have remained estranged for years, communicating with each other only through bitter comments made to various press outlets.

It remains unknown whether Dina and Michael Lohan’s three other children, Michael Jr., 25, Ali, 19, and Cody, 16, were invited to participate in the group session.