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With the summer season around the corner, we all at some point are tempted to crank up our air conditioners to full speed. Before you plan to do that and completely ruin your budget for the month, why not consider taking a few steps to stay cool and save on your electricity bills at the same time. I have compiled a list of ways which will keep you cool during the dreadful months of unbearable heat.

AC Settings

Most people using an air conditioner do not realize that lowering the thermostat does not only harm the AC but also your electricity bills. If you are unaware of the working of an AC, then let me enlighten you on what exactly happens when you decide to turn down the thermostat to 17-18 degrees. The AC’s we use nowadays work by taking in indoor air, cooling it down and eventually throw it outside. The thermostat basically provides a sensory feedback mechanism by making sure that the outside and inside temperature of the AC is the same. By decreasing the thermostat, you are making the compressor work harder and run for a longer period. The compressor is the main unit in your air conditioner which determines your electricity bill; every degree above 20 can add up to 10% to your electricity bill! Therefore, a safe thermostat level would be around 24 degrees regardless of how hot it gets.

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Use A Ceiling Fan

Using a ceiling fan is a great way to save on electricity bills, especially when the weather is not too hot. Moreover, a ceiling fan used along with an AC can make your room cool down faster and more effectively. Purchasing the right AC can also be helpful; conduct a thorough research and invest only in quality appliances for cooling such as Actron Air Conditioning.


As complicated as it sounds, getting your house insulated should not be a problem in this day and age. A little effort on your part will go a long way. Think of insulation as a way of providing padding to the walls of your house; it is the same principle as found in a thermos. There are plenty of ways to insulate your existing house as well. The best part is that insulation works both ways i.e. for the winter season as well as the summer season.

Alternate Ways Of Generating Electricity

The depletion of fossil fuel reserves all over the world is like a sword hanging down our throats. It is high time we turn to alternate forms of generating electricity that are not only safe for the environment but are cheaper to produce as well.


As summer approaches, many homeowners prepare to turn on their air conditioning systems to keep the heat and humidity at bay. Thoughts of having one’s own personal respite from the heat can be very appealing to most homeowners, but what happens when your AC doesn’t work properly?  When problems keep your air conditioning from working properly it may be necessary to have some AC repair NYC homeowners. For that, it’s advised that you call in a qualified service technician to diagnose and fixe the issue.  What follows here is a discussion of the kinds of common issues that may arise with your air conditioning system. Use this as a guide to help you recognize when you should call in a professional for help.

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Neglect of the system

Remember: Your air conditioning unit hasn’t been used all winter.  Like bears, it has been hibernating during the winter months, waiting to yawn and stretch and come alive when the warm weather hits.  Because it has sat idle all winter, your air conditioner may require a little bit of coaxing in order do its job the first time you start it up for the season. To ensure that your system works the way it should right from the get-go each season, it’s always a good idea to ensure you have a routine checkup on it before you turn it on.

Failure of parts

All machines are subject to periodic breakdown from time to time.  They are comprised of many moving parts, and when one or more of those parts isn’t working properly, the functioning of the entire system is compromised. Because there are so many different interconnected parts in an air conditioning system, it’s possible for any of them to break and cause system failure.  The most common culprits are the compressor and the fan. Take a listen to your system. Is it cycling on and off frequently? If so, it probably needs a little attention.

Thermostat issues

Your thermostat is what controls the temperature at which your unit is set. If your unit is running too hot or too cold, there could be a problem with the thermostat. It could be a dead battery or the sensor in need of recalibration. In some cases, it could just be that the unit itself is fault. If you notice that you have to turn up your thermostat to keep your house at the same temperature you always have, or that it seems unable to keep the temperature stable, your thermostat may need some repairs.  Invest in a programmable thermostat if you need to replace your current one.  They allow you to keep your house warmer during the day when you aren’t home and then gradually cool it off before you arrive home for the evening.  Similarly, you can set it to keep the house warmer at night while you sleep and then to cool the house down in the early morning hours before the family gets up. This can save you money and reduce wear and tear on your system.