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Abudusataer Abudureheman

Abudusataer Abudureheman, the key suspect in last month’s deadly Bangkok shrine bombing, has fled to Turkey, Thai police say.

Police believe Abudusataer Abudureheman, also known as Ishan, organized the bombing, which killed 20 people.

Abudusataer Abudureheman, 27, from China’s Xinjiang province is thought to have travelled to Istanbul at the end of August.Bangkok bomb attack suspect Abudusataer Abudureheman

However, Turkey has denied that Abudusataer Abudureheman fled to the country, saying it was not informed by Thai authorities that he was trying to enter.

Earlier Malaysian police announced the arrests of three people suspected of helping the bombers flee. Thai police have already arrested two suspects.

Over the weekend, an arrest warrant was issued for Abudusataer Abudureheman. Police say he left Thailand for Bangladesh on August 16, one day before the bombing.

“He departed Dhaka on August 30 for Delhi… From Delhi, he continued his travel to Abu Dhabi, and from Abu Dhabi he travelled on August 31 to Istanbul. This is his final destination,” a police spokesperson said.

No group has said it carried out the attack at the Erawan shrine on August 17, but Thailand has alleged that a network that includes foreigners was behind the bombing.