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Ex-NFL player Aaron Hernandez has been acquitted of a drive-by double murder that prosecutors said began over an argument about a spilled drink.

On April 14, Aaron Hernandez was acquitted of seven charges, but was found guilty of illegally possessing a firearm.

The former tight end for the New England Patriots is already serving a life sentence for the killing of man who was dating his fiancée’s sister.

Aaron Hernandez cried in court as the verdict was read, saying he is “very happy”.

A judge added five years to Aaron Hernandez sentence after the verdicts were read.

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The former NFL player had been accused of the fatal shooting of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado outside a Boston nightclub in 2012.

Prosecutors said it happened after the football star became enraged that one of the men had bumped into him causing him to spill his drink.

Lawyers for the state relied heavily on a former friend of Aaron Hernandez, Alexander Bradley, who said he had been the driver for the shooting.

Alexander Bradley, who is serving a prison sentence in another state, was granted immunity in order to testify.

He had also claimed that Aaron Hernandez shot him in the face, causing him to lose sight in his right eye, after becoming paranoid that he would tell someone about their crime.

Aaron Hernandez’s lawyers mocked the immunity agreement as the “deal of the century”.

One month after the deaths, Aaron Hernandez signed a $40 million extension contract with the Patriots.

Prosecutors pointed to one of Aaron Hernandez tattoos as evidence that he had committed the attack.

“That is not random. That is not art. That is evidence,” Patrick Haggan told the court about a depiction of a handgun beside five bullets – the same number fired in 2012.

“That is a confession,” the prosecutor said.


Aaron Hernandez has been found guilty of the first-degree murder of his friend, Boston Bandits linebacker Odin Lloyd.

Odin Lloyd’s relatives wept in the Massachusetts courthouse as the verdict was announced on live TV.

Former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Aaron Hernandez arrested on June 26, 2013, 9 days after the murder of Odin Lloyd.

He was charged with killing Odin Lloyd, a semi-pro player who was dating the sister of Aaron Hernandez’s fiancée.

Odin Lloyd’s body was found with six bullet wounds less than a mile from Aaron Hernandez’s home.Aaron Hernandez guilty of first degree murder

At the time, Aaron Hernandez had a contract worth $40 million.

Within hours of his arrest, the Patriots sacked Aaron Hernandez, considered one of the top tight ends playing the game.

Aaron Hernandez is not an isolated case.

NFL players have been charged with any number of crimes over the years, from rape to dog-fighting.

Active NFL players are aged, in the main, between 21 and 34 and the arrest rate for that demographic is one in eight.

The arrest rate for people of Aaron Hernandez’s age – he was 23 – is a startling one in six.

During closing arguments, his defense team acknowledged that he was present during the murder but said others committed the crime.

Prosecutors say Aaron Hernandez planned the “orchestrated execution” because of an incident in a night club, and then helped to cover it up.

He was found guilty of murder and other weapons charges on the seventh day of jury deliberations.

In a tearful statement to the court, Odin Lloyd’s mother Ursula Ward called him the “backbone of the family”.


Former NFL player Aaron Hernandez has been charged with a 2012 double murder, while still facing a previous murder charge.

Prosecutors say Aaron Hernandez drove up alongside the vehicle of two men with whom he had a “chance encounter” at a club earlier and shot and killed them.

Aaron Hernandez was arrested last June for allegedly killing Odin Lloyd, a semi-pro player found near his home.

Aaron Hernandez has been charged with a 2012 double murder, while still facing a previous murder charge

Aaron Hernandez has been charged with a 2012 double murder, while still facing a previous murder charge

His lawyers did not have any immediate comment on the new charges.

But last August, lawyer Michael Fee, speaking about the Odin Lloyd murder charges, had said there had been “an incredible rush to judgment in this case”.

On Thursday, Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley said Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado, the victims in the 2012 shootings, were “ambushed and executed” as they were driving in Boston, Massachusetts on July 16, 2012.

Daniel Conley says they and Aaron Hernandez had had an “encounter” at a nightclub earlier in the evening and the former NFL player was the gunman.

Those details mirror the alleged motive in Odin Lloyd’s death. According to authorities, Aaron Hernandez and two friends picked up Lloyd at home in the early hours of June 17, 2013.

Aaron Hernandez allegedly told Odin Lloyd he was upset about an incident at a nightclub days before.

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said that Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado, both Cape Verdean nationals, were “two young, innocent victims”, according to the Boston Globe.

A former tight end for the Boston-based New England Patriots, Aaron Hernandez was dropped from the Patriots – and his $40 million contract – shortly after his arrest in June.

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