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According to new reports, Amanda Bynes has been placed on involuntary psychiatric hold after allegedly starting a fire on Monday night in a residential driveway.

Amanda Bynes, 27, was found about 9 p.m. standing near the fire burning at a house in Thousand Oaks, California, according to reports.

She was questioned by Ventura County Sheriff’s Department deputies who determined she needed to be hospitalized on a so-called 5150 hold, TMZ reports.

Amanda Bynes has been placed on 5150 hold after starting fire in residential driveway

Amanda Bynes has been placed on 5150 hold after starting fire in residential driveway

The 5150 hold is named after the California state code that allows for involuntary hospitalization for a mental health evaluation.

A person can be held against their will for up to 72 hours under such a hold.

The elderly woman who lives at the home said she had no idea what was happening until authorities knocked on her door.

Deputies asked if she knew Amanda Bynes or if someone had a vendetta against her and the woman replied no to both queries, according to TMZ.

Authorities told the woman that a young lady carrying a “little red gas tank” had lit a fire in her driveway.

The homeowner said the deputies told her Amanda Bynes had burned a part of her own clothing.

A male caller to 911 reported a piece of cloth burning on a gasoline tank on a driveway and a second female caller confirmed a gasoline tank and fire, according to a report in TMZ.

Amanda Bynes’ parents, Rick and Lynn, are considering going to a judge to seek conservatorship of Amanda, but must act take legal control quickly before she is released from her psychiatric hold, a source told RadarOnline.

The former actress was born and raised in affluent Thousand Oaks, which is about 35 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles.

Amanda Bynes also had a run-in with police on Sunday after she was turned away from a Thousand Oaks retirement home because she appeared drunk.

Staff at the retirement home accused her of trespassing and called a taxi for her, but the situation deteriorated, according to TMZ.

After getting in the cab, Amanda Bynes reportedly said: “Get me the f*** out of here. … I don’t have any money.”

The driver promptly evicted her from the cab and Amanda Bynes walked back toward the retirement community, which prompted a call to the police.

There was no record of an arrest, but Amanda Bynes may have received a trespassing ticket.

The taxi driver told TMZ that Amanda Bynes was at the retirement village to visit a relative.

Amanda Bynes underwent a psychiatric evaluation in May after being arrested in New York City for investigation of drug possession and alleged evidence tampering for throwing a b**g out of her high-rise window.

Britney Spears was infamously placed on a 5150 hold in 2008 after a public mental breakdown.

The move to hospitalize Britney Spears came after months of erratic behavior, including a head-shaving incident, speaking in a British accent and other bizarre incidents.

Amanda Bynes has her own lengthy list of odd behavior.

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