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The discovery of two rusting vintage cars containing six bodies in Oklahoma’s Foss Lake has reignited the mystery of how three teenagers and three other people vanished more than four decades ago.

Highway patrol officers testing their sonar equipment Foss Lake near Elk City, Oklahoma on Friday stumbled upon the rusting 1969 Camaro and a Chevrolet dating back to the 1950s.

Inside the Camaro were three bodies believed to be of local teenagers who vanished after going out for a drive in 1970. Inside the Chevrolet were three more bodies – thought to be a 69-year-old man and his two friends who went missing in the state in the late 1950s or early 1960s.

Jimmy Allen Williams, 16, and his friends Thomas Michael Rios, 18, and Leah Gail Johnson, 18, disappeared on November 20, 1970.

Jimmy Allen Williams and his friends disappeared on November 20, 1970

Jimmy Allen Williams and his friends disappeared on November 20, 1970

Jimmy Williams, who had a part time job at a grocery store, had bought himself a brand new Camaro muscle car six days earlier.

He told his parents he was going to a football game, but according to reports at the time, he backed up his car to the back door of the home and loaded several shotguns into the trunk with the help of one of his younger brothers.

According to one of his friends called Wayne, the three friends were actually going on a shooting trip.

Wayne said he was had planned to join them but changed his mind at the last minute because there was not enough room for him in the car.

The three teenagers never returned home.

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