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Sonia is the heart and the artist of the team. She loves art and all that it implies. As Sonia says, good music, a well directed movie, or attending a music or film festival melts people’s heart and make them better. She is great at painting and photography. Working on scrapbooks is her favorite activity.

Apollo 18 Facebook page reminded last night about the upcoming movie. Apollo 18 is a science fiction horror film, shot in a footage style, directed by Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego and produced by Timur Bekmambetov. 

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Initially scheduled in April, with a teaser trailer in february, the release date was postponed to September and a theatrical trailer appeared on June, 24.

The plot begins from the idea that there was a secret lunar mission that never returned.
Apollo 18 mission was launched in 1974. It followed after the 1972 Apollo 17 the mission that supposedly never went back to Earth.

The film speculates about the cause(s) the United States never started another expedition to the moon. It insinuates a government coverup of the mission of the findings that the crew has been atacked by parasitic lifeforms on the moon.

Apollo 18 Web site: “There is a reason we have never gone back to the moon”

The US government and NASA state that Apollo 17 was the last manned mission and denie the existence of the Apollo 18 mission.
The Apollo program started in 1961 and on July 20th, 1969 Apollo 11 commander Neil Alden Armstrong walked on the moon. Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, Jr followed him shortly after.  Michael Collins remained on the orbit.

According to NASA “Six of the missions — Apollos 11, 12, 14, 15, 16 and 17 — went on to land on the moon, studying soil mechanics, meteoroids, seismic, heat flow, lunar ranging, magnetic fields and solar wind.”

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The last man who left the moon was (till now) Eugene Cernan. He was the commander of Apollo 17, the eleventh and final manned mission.
There were suppositions that in fact the mankind never stepped on the moon. Films were made and books were written about this subject.

It’s weird though that after 50 years the humankind made so little progress regarding the space exploration.
The Apollo 18 will try to answer this question in an artistic way on September, 2nd.[googlead tip=”lista_mare” aliniat=”stanga”]

Apollo 18 Poster

Apollo 18 Poster

As we previously said Kings of Leon  singer Caleb Followill was dealing with more important condition than a mild dehydration.


On Monday they interrupted the summer tour through the United States because “vocal issues and exhaustion,” that Caleb Followill was suffering from.  The Kings of Leon‘s representative declared to Us Weekly: “The reason for the cancellation of the tour is Caleb is under doctor’s orders for vocal rest. They feel terrible about cancelling. They look forward to getting back on the road at the end of September.”

“We are so sorry to say Kings of Leon are canceling their entire US tour due to Caleb Followill suffering from vocal issues and exhaustion. The band is devastated, but in order to give their fans the shows they deserve, they need to take this break. Unfortunately, the US dates cannot be rescheduled due to the band’s international tour schedule. […] The band will resume touring in Canada at the Rogers Center in Vancouver, BC, on September 28th. That show was originally schedule for September 14th. ”  stated the announcement  posted on their website.


Kings of Leon interrupted show

Kings of Leon interrupted show


[googlead tip=”patrat_mare”]On the other hand, on the same day the Kings of Leon bassist, Jared Followill, published on Twitter: “Utterly depressed. It’s completely out of my hands. Family has to come 1st.”  Before this he declared (on Saturday) that “there are internal sicknesses & problems that have needed to be address”.


An insider of the group said 

“They are trying to get Caleb to go to rehab. It is mostly for alcohol. …they ended up canceling the whole tour… he drinks like a fish.”

Another  source said Kings of Leon never debated Caleb’s drinking as a problem because they all use to consume a little alcohol during their travels.

Caleb, who recently married Lily Aldridge (Victoria’s Secret model) , has been dealing with this problem for some time.

“It’s true. Caleb’s drinking is out of control and they are trying to get him into rehab. It’s a dark demon he has been fighting for awhile.” said other source.

Sources say Caleb becomes nervous about singing in front of the crowds and drinks alcohol to relax.

“There’s a running joke in the band that Caleb can’t go on stage without having a cocktail first.” said an insider.

Let’s hope Caleb will be strong enough and he will get adequate help to solve this problem and he will continue to sing with Kings of Leon. A lot of music talents  were lost because of drug and alcohol addiction.

Shark Week began on Sunday, July, 31 with a premiere, “Great White Invasion”, about a horde of great white sharks that were swimming along the beaches from South Africa to Australia, and near the coast of California.


Discovery Channel broadcasted Shark Week for the first time in 1987, on July 27. In 2000, 6 millions viewers, from United States, and from Canada, received 3D Pulfrich glasses in order to see an episode that had 3D segments. That episode was about an extinct giant shark.

Now this television program series is transmitted in over 70 countries. The target for this show is the average persons, and its purpose is educational. The aim is to make people to know about the sharks, and to convince them that this animals need to be protected. It’s about conservation and preservation of the nature.

Sharks are a type of fish. They have  a highly streamlined body and a full cartilaginous skeleton. Sharks live in every seas and are ordinary down to depths of 2,000 meters (6,600 ft). They generally do not live in freshwater.
Five centuries ago the sharks were called “sea dogs” by mariners. The name “shark” first came into use in 1569. Sir John Hawkins’ sailors exhibited one in London and refer to the large sharks of the Caribbean Sea by using the word (shark).
Despite of the general belief that sharks are only instinctual creatures, some studies  showed that many species possess curiosity, great problem-solving skills, and social skills.


The Shark Week is  aired every year, usually in July or August. This year it will end on Friday, August, 5.

It is a good opportunity to learn and see new and interesting things about the sharks.

According to Discovery Channel, this year the Shark Week programme includes:
INTO THE SHARK BITE (Originally Premiered 2010)
AIR JAWS: SHARKS OF SOUTH AFRICA (Originally Premiered 2001)

Shark Week

Shark Week

 [googlead tip=”vertical_mare” aliniat=”dreapta”] The books industry has been upended by the expansion of the e-books, and publishers are shifting in opposition to tradition by publishing paperbacks books edition earlier than regular, occasionally less than 6 months after the book came out in hardcover.

It used to be a strict schedule in the books business: first the hardcover edition was printed, and about 12 months after that, the paperback book was published.

E-books have made cost a challenge for publishers and they are considering the right time of a paperback book. There is often a big distance between the price of a fresh hardcover book and its e-book edition. The paperback book and e-book tend to be within a couple of dollars, rendering numerous publishers to speculate if cost-conscious buyers are reading e-books right away instead of waiting for the paperbacks books.

Hardcover book has been the publishing style of the first option for a long time. Authors want to make an impression with their books release, so hardcover is the initial selection when publishing. If a person favors a paperback, he or she will get the book after a long delay.



A hardcover is likely to age far more softly. Paperbacks split, wrinkle and discolor much more quickly. Some people love to have a nice-looking bookshelf. Hardback book is more likely to appear great and even as apposed to a  wrinkly paperback book. Although the story contained in a book may be identical, some people will refuse to buy a book if it is not bound in their favored form.

Paperbacks books are generally less expensives than hardcovers. When the editor and author save money in the creation process, the discounts are transferred to the buyer.
Being able to effortlessly take a book with you is a great ease. Paperbacks are free of the extra weight and also free of the thickness of a hardcovers books.

Since the large, synchronised release of hardcover and electronic editions of a book currently gather the bulk of the attention the book is likely to get, letting the paperback book edition considerably in the back, publishers state they have a fresh sense of urgency with the paperback. 

 [googlead tip=”patrat_mare”] Last week involved the trade paperback release of “Swamplandia!”, a debut novel by Karen Russell, 5 months just after it was first printed in hardcover in February.

Anne Messitte, a publisher of Vintage/Anchor, said that when Vintage editors published the paperback of “Swamplandia!”, they chose July to capitalize on product sales to summertime travellers, who tend to favor fiction.
“It felt to us like a perfect summer paperback,” she stated about the book, that stories the imaginary ventures of a Florida family members threathened by alligators.

“The Tiger’s Wife,” a fictional book by Téa Obreht, that became available in hardcover in March, will be followed by the  paperback book  in October, 7 months later.

“Those Guys Have All the Fun: Inside the World of ESPN” by James Andrew Miller and Tom Shales, has hardly been in book shops two months, having showed up on May, and the  paperback book edition is already planned for December. Therefore, nonfiction release has been sped up as well.

The entire publishing daily life routine has sped up in recent years. Hardcovers books have less time in book shops, due to the fact the merchants tend to shift them off the shelves more quickly than they used to.

“E-book sales are usually strong in the initial period after the publication date but do not spike again after the paperback comes out”, said Terry Adams, the digital and paperback publisher for Little, Brown & Company.  [googlead tip=”lista_mare” aliniat=”dreapta”]
Terry Adams released the paperback of “Room,” a book by Emma Donoghue, 8 months after the hardcover book due to the fact hardcover product sales had slowed down but not ceased totally. “The momentum was there, and we wanted to capture the momentum for the paperback,” he said. “For books that rise to a certain level of visibility, you really want to ride the wave.”

However, there are still exceptions to the paperbacks books  timetable. A number of publishers said that the 12 months delay was still being the principle for most books. If a book is selling quickly in hardcover, publishers tend to postpone on releasing a paperback book edition. Stieg Larsson’s 3rd book in the Millennium series, “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest,” has not yet been printed in paperback edition in the United States, more than 12 months following the hardcover book was released.

Will certainly Randy Moss retire instead to suit up for a 14th National football league (NFL) season?

Joel Segal, Randy Moss‘ agent, informed NFL Network and ESPN of his client’s choice. He told that the receiver was thinking about offers from several clubs, but decided to retire. Segal declined to comment particularly on the offers, rather declaring his 34 yo client sensed the time was right to step aside.  [googlead tip=”lista_mare” aliniat=”dreapta”]

Randy has weighed his options and considered the offers and has decided to retire,” Segal said.

Randy Moss was typically connected to the New York Jets as a destination for this year, but they signed WR Plaxico Burress yesterday.
Randy Moss performed for three teams in 2010 — he was traded from New England to Minnesota last October, waived by the Vikings in November previous to concluding with Tennessee — and had his minimum successful period (28 catches, 393 yards, 5 touchdowns).

Randy Moss

Randy Moss

“I don’t want to say he was the best ever deep threat, because a threat is something you make without doing something. He did it,” Hall-of-Fame WR James Lofton, who knows a lot regarding stretching the field, shared with USA TODAY’s Robert Klemko.

His 153 touchdowns are tied with Terrell Owens for second on the career list, and he’s also fifth in yards (14,858) and tied with Hines Ward for eighth in receptions (954).
These statistics, and his position, as perhaps the greatest strong menace in National Football League (NFL) historical past, is likely to make him a strong candidate for the Hall of Fame.

[googlead tip=”vertical_mare” aliniat=”dreapta”]His career began with 7 seasons with the Minnesota Vikings prior to he went inactive for two years in Oakland. He re-emerged as a force with the New England Patriots in 2007, lifting in a single-season record 23 touchdowns passes from Tom Brady in order to assist the Patriots reach the Super Bowl.
Randy Moss was a first-round choose of Marshall in 1998, obtained twenty-first general. However, worries concerning his off-field habits avoided him from going much sooner. He reacted by winning offensive rookie of the year honorsdeemed the best rookie season at any time by NFL Network.
Randy has been a great player for a long time,” said Bob Pruett, Randy Moss‘ college coach at Marshall. ”He’s choosing this on his own terms and I think that’s good. If that’s what he wants to do, that’s what he should do.”

 In the course of his career, Randy Moss gained the reputation as one of the most dangerous players in the game, when he wanted to be.

His combination of dimensions, velocity and cleverness has hardly ever been seen for a player at his position, and he should get some credit for the increase of two defenses throughout the National Football League that were designed in large part to prevent Randy Moss from burning them down the field.
“His body control, his ability to slow himself, elevate, and position himself is unbelievable, better than anybody I’ve ever seen play the game… He had a phenomenal presence on the football field. He was a player that defenses had to adjust to and really didn’t do a very good job of it” said Lofton.

Vikings supporters were euphoric at the news of his returning last season. Randy Moss caught 13 passes for 174 yards and two touchdowns in 4 games back in purple, clashed with Childress in the locker room and turned some co-players off with his inadequate treatment of a team caterer towards the end of his run. He hugged former Patriots teammates after a Vikings loss, and then strangely walked to a podium to fuss over the Patriots, upbraid the Vikings for neglecting his strategic guidance, and declare his strategy to interview himself the rest of the season rather than allowing reporters do it. [googlead tip=”patrat_mare”]

One of  Randy Moss‘ former co-player believes he’s got enough of that capability remaining that he will in fact pull back (Brett Favre Randy Moss‘ quarterback shortly  in 2010) and unretire.
“He’s as talented a guy as I’ve ever seen play the game. He’s a guy with some pride, and more than anything else in the past few years he’s thinking about his legacy,” said ESPN analyst Robert Smith, who played with Randy Moss on the Vikings from 1998-2000.


Early-onset dementia: symptoms and the importance of early diagnosis.


Bipolar disorder: new hope from stem cell research.


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Brandon Marshall is an exceptionally gifted wide receiver whose private daily life and off-the-field tricks have got generally attracted way more interest that his touchdown grabs or third down conversions. He informed us yesterday that he was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder.

Marshall appreciates he has got it all: National football league, wealth, a smart, attractive spouse, a beautiful house, an excellent life – almost everything any person may possibly would like. But it wasn’t sufficient. It was never good enough.

Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall


But now we know the reason why: the All-Pro seated for 30 minutes along with journalists following training yesterday and stated he was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder earlier this year.

Miami Dolphins’ wide receiver has borderline personality disorder and, rather than disguising that fact, he’s choosing to “be the face of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).” Marshall spoke openly about it over the past weekend, informing the Sun-Sentinel: 

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I’ll make myself vulnerable if it saves someone’s life because I know what I went through this summer helped save mine.”

Brandon Marshall had experienced therapy several times prior to this.

Now, at the proposition of Dolphins teammate Ricky Williams, Marshall looked for support from McLean Hospital in Boston.

Marshall attained day-to-day together with specialists and other Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) sufferers.

Any time there’s conflict it’s a challenge,” Marshall explained. “What I’m feeling or trying to get across is right, but I’m reacting wrong. My actions or what I’m saying is not effective or productive and it makes the situation worse.”

By means of therapy, he is learning to deal with his sentiments and emotions.

By no means am I all healed or fixed,” he said, “but it’s like a light bulb’s been turned on in my dark room.”

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Borderline Personality Disorder is seldom diagnosed. It is noticeable by difficulties with human relationships, inadequate self-image as well as difficulty managing emotional behavior and sensations. Marshall has spoken about his stressed child years and desertion and abuse that can contribute to BPD. Mary Zanarini – the professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School who treated Marshall this summer – declared to The South Florida Sun-Sentinel:

BPD is a well understood psychological disorder. It’s not a form of misbehavior.

Brandon Marshall mentioned he plans to lobby Congress for finances to assist study into the condition, adding:

There comes a time in a guy like myself’s life, with everything that I’ve been through, that you become bulletproof to the critics and to what the world thinks of you. Right now, today, I am vulnerable. I am making myself vulnerable. And I want it to be clear that this is the opposite of damage control. The only reason why I’m standing here today is to use my story to help others who may suffer from what I suffer from.”


Kings of Leon interrupted a concert Friday in Dallas, Texas subsequent to guide performer Caleb Followill informed admirers, “I’m going to move behind the scenes and I’m gonna vomit, I’m gonna drink a beer and I’m gonna come back out and play three more songs.”

The rocker by no means came back to the stage, that pushed the other members of this rock band to say sorry to the viewers. “Caleb’s just a little unfit to play the rest of the show,” explained bassist Jared Followill. “We love you guys so much, but I know you guys fucking hate us. I’m so sorry. It’s really not our fault, it’s Caleb. He can’t play the rest of the show. We will be back as soon as possible.”

Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon



Even though Caleb Followill has revealed that the cause he quit the stage was because of heat, fatigue and also lack of fluids, his sibling Jared’s remarks on Twitter after the episode suggest that Caleb’s tendencies may be part of a larger issue in the music group. Soon after apologizing again, Jared published “there are internal sicknesses & problems that have needed to be address” and also “I know you guys aren’t stupid. I can’t lie. There are problems in our band bigger than not drinking enough Gatorade.”

This is a common endeavor that other bands are also pursuing. It’s not unusual for singers and other band members to have health problems or other issues which prevent them from singing. Caleb’s problem was health related but we cannot say for sure if that was the only reason for his behavior. 





Please view the video below which shows Caleb Followill talking to the audience at the Dallas concert. The video clip also displays footage of the other members of Kings of Leon apologizing him for his sudden departure.