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Selling Your First Ever House: A Guide


Selling your first house is a huge milestone in your life. And if you’re careful enough, and work with the right real estate business, you’ll soon find the entire process far more simple and stress-free than you ever thought possible.

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Doing your homework

Research and due diligence are important aspects of selling your first ever home. And it’s a common thing to look into, even with the most successful sellers, buyers, and realtors. The term “is Compass Real Estate in trouble” is commonly searched to this day, and they’re one of the top real estate brokers in the country!

Long story short, research makes all the difference. Check the prices of similar homes in your area and make lists of common price ranges.

Set goals to be sold up by a certain date

Nothing is ever guaranteed in terms of timelines when it comes to real estate. But if you have some timeframes and goals in mind, it’s easier to convey them to your realtor. If you’re clear and honest about what you want out of this sale, it’s far easier for a good real estate agent to make those goals a reality.

There’s a middle ground here that’s important to find. If you’re expecting to sell instantly at a specific price, you’re asking for a lot. But if you have a fair timeframe and some good communication with an agent you trust, you’ll be far more likely to meet these goals.

Choosing a real estate agent

Reputable and helpful real estate agents are out there. But simply deciding to use the first company you find isn’t the way to go. Write out your main values and look for those qualities in a realtor. Search for customer reviews and hunt out the names of specific agents that people have praised.

The most important thing to remember is to be open, honest, and clear with your goals. If you do that, a realtor has all the tools needed to make them come true to the best of their abilities.

Agreeing on an asking price

This can be where issues occur when it’s time to sell. Regardless of the research you’ve done and the sale amount you’ve had in your head, your realtor may disagree and respectfully ask that you consider lowering the price.

Due to online pricing brackets, if you set the price too high, you’re immediately removing potential buyers who have set very strict price ranges on their online search criteria. Many realtors now advise that you price it a little under your target amount, let visitors see the house for themselves, and let the subsequent bidding raise the price.

Getting it ready to list on the market

Before it’s ready to be seen by those buyers, it’s time to de-clutter your spaces, clean your home, offer a little strategic decorating, and make your entire home as presentable as possible.

Try to walk through your home as a nervous buyer. Be critical of everything you see. Invite friends over to do the same. Look for anything that could go wrong and you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised on that first open-home viewing, and one step closer to securing a fast sale.

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