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How Do I Get Insurance if My License Is Suspended?


There are several reasons behind someone having their license revoked or suspended. It includes driving without insurance, receiving driving offenses related to alcohol or drug, repeated traffic offenses, or failing on child support. Whatever the reason might be, getting vehicle insurance is easier with the help of a cheap car insurance company.

Although you cannot drive legally without a driver’s valid license, you still require low-cost auto insurance in most cases, irrespective of whether your license is revoked or suspended. But, getting the right insurance policy becomes hard. You may have limited options and may not avail of cheaper car insurance rates if you have a suspended or revoked license.

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Can you avail of car insurance with a suspended license?

Surely, you can get vehicle insurance irrespective of whether your license is suspended. Owning a car across several states requires you to be insured and tagged even though your license is revoked or suspended. It is a challenging affair with a suspended license as you cannot get rated as a driver on your policy if you cannot drive legally.

You can be banned as a driver till your license is reinstated or when a restriction is sanctioned. There are some ways to get car insurance with your license revoked or suspended:

  • Rating a household member having a clean driving record as a driver to your policy, although it might not be an option with almost every insurance company.
  • Getting approval for the restricted or hardship driver’s license allows you in driving at special situations like school or work.
  • Buy the SR-22 insurance.
  • If the car ownership is in someone else’s name, you insure it under their vocation.

Is your suspended license visible to the car insurance companies?

Surely, the car insurance companies can check whether your license is revoked or suspended. There are motor vehicles separated in your state notifying your insurance company electronically in the same manner when they are convicted of a moving violation or a ticket.

Suppose the insurance company gets the notification for the suspended license. In that case, the company might issue a nonrenewal or a cancellation of the insurance policy, although you are not near the renewal period. The company would also provide an exclusion allowing the insurance policy to be active; however, it needs the policyholder to sign a form that excludes you from the coverage. If you get into an accident, your car will not cover it.

Lowering car insurance coverage with license suspended.

You may have to carry complete coverage of insurance that meets lender requirements as your license is suspended if your car is leased or financed. You may purchase less coverage due to the cost of the car insurance if your vehicle is outright. Make sure to consider the risk associated with your vehicle and are you making the right choice by removing the collision or comprehensive insurance.

We recommend that you buy the only-comprehensive coverage if you plan to store your car untagged. But, if your car is tagged, you would need to meet the minimum liability insurance needs for the state, avoiding penalties and fines irrespective of the driver’s license status.

What can be done to get car insurance with a suspended license?

You will risk having your license suspended and getting caught driving without insurance, and you will have to buy car insurance before having your driving privileges restored if it happens. Not all companies will insure with the one having a license suspended. If you are classified under the high-risk driver, then it can result in you paying higher premiums.

If the driver’s license is suspended and you would have to purchase insurance, then here is what you should do:

●      Applying for a hardship or restricted license

Several insurance companies do not insure someone with a suspended license; however, they would if you have a restricted or a hardship license. Some laws vary in each state. Make sure to check with the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state to determine whether you are eligible to apply for the restricted or hardship driver’s license.

●      Shop for cheap insurance

The drivers classed as high-risk will have to pay a bit high premiums, and not every company will be insuring them. You can get the best rate on your car insurance with a suspended license by comparing the quotes.

●      Avail an SR-22 or FR-44

Your insurer may have to file for a certificate of financial responsibility in respect to your state to prove you carry the much-needed minimum amount of liability insurance.

Final thoughts

It can result in a massive setback when your driving privileges are revoked or suspended. Getting affordable car insurance from a cheap car insurance company with a suspended license will involve work. Can you expect to find your insurance rates hitting the skies? You can get help, although most insurance companies will not offer you a policy with your suspended license. Additionally, shopping for car insurance online may be a bit hard, so you should directly speak to your insurance agents. You can even ask them in regards to the recommendations for this situation.

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