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What Material Makes the Best Nightstand?


When it comes to picking the best nightstand for your bedroom, you have a lot of options. There are plenty of different shapes, styles, and materials to choose from. Some of them have practical purposes. Others are just for looks.

But when it comes to the most favored material for nightstands, wood gets the nod. It’s a material that’s attractive, warm, and easy to care for. And perhaps best of all, it offers character and appeal that you can’t get from metal or plastic.

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Easy to Care For

One of the biggest advantages of a wood nightstand is how easy they are to care for. Many customers prefer wood because it’s easy to clean, doesn’t leave behind streaks, and polishes up nicely.

It’s important to note that metal nightstands certainly have their place if that’s the overall aesthetic of your bedroom. But wood in general is an excellent material for nightstands. And it offers many more benefits, as you’ll see below.


Another big advantage of buying a wood nightstand is that they’re versatile. Wood goes well with just about any décor, allowing you to easily match the material with a wide variety of colors, fabrics, walls, carpeting, and bedding.

So if you’re having a hard time deciding on any one nightstand model, you’ll find that any wood-based option is likely to complement your bedroom.


Wood allows for a multitude of styles, colors, shapes, and sizes. As such, you can be sure to have a nightstand that stands out from all others. What’s more, wood can easily reflect any time period or aesthetic, adding charm, warmth, character, and functionality.

Want a unique nightstand that captures the allure of the Victorian era? There are plenty of wood models to choose from that do just that. Or maybe you prefer something more modern or chic. That’s not a problem for wood.

Furthermore, wooden nightstands allow for far more artistic expression from the manufacturer. Because of that, you can get as close as possible to achieving your vision for your bedroom.


Wood is a durable material that will not easily break or crack. It is, therefore, a great choice for your bedroom, as it offers the best combination of both durability and simplicity in one single product.

You want your nightstand to stand the test of time and meet your needs for years to come. Wood is the perfect material to offer such benefits and more.

You Can Customize Your Nightstand

Finally, the customization of wood nightstands is a huge draw. You can add pretty much any design and color to your nightstand. This gives you a lot of freedom when picking out one for your bedroom.

You can even pick a design that reflects your personality far more accurately than metals or plastics. You might want a nightstand with a specific style or design, a checkered pattern, or something else entirely. Only wood offers these customizable traits.

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